Sims 5 Rumours, Release Date, Features and Wishlist

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Sims 5

Sims 5, The Background: Talks about Sims 5 have been floating around since 2014, the year of release for Sims 4. The developers of the game, Maxis and Electronic Arts, are known to release one new instalment of the Sims series every five years, so fans are expecting to see Sims 5 land sometime in 2019 (Sims 4 was released in 2014). But the possibility of a new game in the series depends on a number of factors, and at the moment, many are of the opinion that chances of a new game surfacing are pretty dismal due to the weak records of Sims 4.

To do a quick recap, the last Sims game, the fourth in the popular series of the life simulation series, did not do as well as expected in terms of sales. This may seem surprising considering that the Sims series happens to be one of the best-selling video game franchises of all time, but players who were familiar with the previous generations were generally dissatisfied with the new game. Critics’ ratings did not prove to be generous either with many calling the game a half-hearted attempt with a bunch of wasted potential, and review aggregator sites pointed at mixed reviews in general. All these, according to the makers, directly affected the sales of the Sims 4. Add to that the fact that the game’s release was limited to Windows and Mac platforms with consoles never figuring in the equation, and Sims 4 was basically a drab affair waiting to happen.

As for Sims 5, it has been hinted at that the series’ continuance will depend on how the earlier instalment will fare in the long run. The developers have already released a bunch of expansion and DLC packs for Sims 4, hoping to rekindle interest and subsequently, sales figures.

Sims 5 Release Date

If we go by the history of the Sims series, we are expecting Sims 5 (if it happens), to be announced sometime around mid-2018. There is no news about the development of Sims 5 for now. As it appears, the makers seem intent on making a success out of their previous title for the time being.

In all their previous communications, the developers have been rather vague when asked about any information about the possible sequel. Back in 2014, a fan had suggested the inclusion of real-life cheats on the next instalment of the game. To this he received a reply from the official Sims account, which went something like this: “By the time it comes time to start work on The Sims 5, maybe we can do that – no promises, though ;)”. But on the other hand, some notable people associated with the game had earlier stated that the successful franchise may meet its end with Sims 4 itself.

Chances of drawing a solid conclusion from the premises offered by the makers are slim. However, we already know that Sims 4 will not see a console release. This has led many to speculate that the developers are reserving the console idea for Sims 5 in a big way. Maxis has always released Sims titles at an interval of five years, which makes 2019 the possible year of release. The rumoured release of the next generation consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two, is also supposed to occur around that time. So it may be convenient to surmise that Sims 5 will happen, and it will be one of the first games to be offered on the improved consoles. The upcoming game is also rumoured to be a console-exclusive, in the manner of its predecessor which was a PC-exclusive.

But as things stand now, the release date for Sims 5 continues to be a big question mark. According to some reports, many fans are actually anticipating an earlier launch, which will mark a deviation from the traditional 5-year gap in between two consecutive titles in the Sims series. The reason for such speculation derives from the obvious fact that the makers are barely able to hold on to the threads of Sims 4 despite launching new expansions as often as they can. Only recently, EA announced a new expansion pack titled The Sims 4: City Living, which includes a lot of added activities. But the pack, priced at $39.99, may not be seen by fans as a sensible investment in a game that requires so much improvement. So rumours are rife that the poor participation rates of fans in the fourth instalment of the game might finally push the makers out of their limbo to come up with a new Sims game altogether as early as possible. Considering these factors, perhaps we may hear an announcement about Sims 5 as early as 2017. But as far as a launch in 2017 goes, that possibility seems like quite a stretch.

Sims 5 Possible Features and Wishlist

As we have already noted, there is a serious dearth of any concrete information pertaining to Sims 5. All that can be found are a host of rumours and speculations floating around all over the internet. Most of these have to do with the possibility of improved gameplay. Twitter has been abuzz with all the new things that fans wish were implemented into the upcoming game, which include options to own pets as desired and to conduct businesses.

Other than that, fans are also rooting for an Augmented Reality experience for Sims 5 in the manner of Pokemon GO. While the idea may seem like a tempting one with The Sims series being a life-simulation game, and it would most certainly be fun to interact with some of the Sims on your way to work, it is hard to imagine Sims 5, or any Sims game for that matter, to provide an outstanding experience on mobile devices.

However, it would certainly be amazing if the creators design Sims 5 to cater to our growing VR obsession. Considering the kind of game that The Sims really is, perhaps a Virtual Reality mode will provide fans with the opportunity to be  completely immersed in the world of The Sims.

Other than that, Sims 5 is likely going to be an improvement on many of the aspects of Sims 4, as we’re sure Maxis and EA would want to avoid all the mistakes they made with the previous instalment. That means we’re expecting better graphics and animation with a wider range of colour, improved sound effects, and implementation of camera manipulation among others.

As the Sims is a life-simulation series and because it lacks any definitive actions in general, the makers must come up with engaging content every time they launch a new installment in order to keep players interested. The game allows users to create simulated people and places them in a certain environment within which they function. Players require to understand and direct their moods in order to help them meet their desires. So what we’re looking at is the possibility of newer environments, like neighbourhoods, and an overall improvement in the smaller details with the release of Sims 5.

One very important concern that the new Sims game must address pertains to all the software issues that were encountered on Sims 4. Many users reported noticeable glitches and bugs, which hindered optimum player satisfaction.

Sims 5 Price

There is no available information about the possible pricing of the upcoming Sims game. But we can guess that it will largely depend on the platform that EA decides to launch it on. Also, if Sims 5 is actually launched with a VR mode, the price of the upcoming game could be significantly higher than the earlier instalments of the series.

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