‘Shotgun’ Satrughan Sinha’s Daughter Sonakshi Is in a Twitter War and She Is a BADASS

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‘Shotgun’ Satrughan Sinha’s Daughter Sonakshi Is in a Twitter War and She Is a BADASS

Twitter wars can become really ugly sometimes and especially if it is about women! Cyber creeps are worse than the ones you find on the streets and in the dark corners of your lane. Those people will fill your inbox with weird messages of “I love you” and sometimes roses as well. The comments on social media can go really sleazy and downtrodden. That is exactly what happened when our own Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha right on Twitter and she proved that she is the queen of all the Badass.

The actress opened her tweet telling people to ask her some questions and that was the time when @prateek91 (Prateek Goyal) turned up and tweeted, when will Sonakshi wear a Bikini and show her body.

He just went way out of the line. Stars wearing a bikini is not for their fun or the audiences, they shall do it if it is demanded according to the script. And that’s why Sonakshi diced the man and asked him to ask the same question to his mother or sister.

There wasn’t any answer but sadly a ‘GIRL’ stood up for this man and said that Bollywood stars sell their skin for money. Again way out the line, it was, and Sonakshi gave a slap on twitter again to this girl and called her a ‘dhabba’ on womankind.

Seeing this, David Dhawan’s son and Actor Varun Dhawan came up for his friend’s support and tweeted that:

He further twitted:

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