Sherlock Season 4 Update: Jennifer Moriarty A Possibility as the Series Inches towards its End

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Sherlock Season 4

Sherlock Season 4:For what could be one of the most widely awaited series of recent times, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are coming back for ABC’s superhit crime-drama series Sherlock Season 4, based looselyon the character by Sir Arther Conan Doyle. For anyone who is remotely familiar with the series needs no further introduction to the radical on-screen presence Cumberbatch has inculcated in the series so far and Sherlock fans just cannot seem to contain their eagerness for a new episode anymore. It has been three years since Sherlock Season 3 and even though most of the questions regarding last season’s cliffhanger have been resolved in the Christmas special episode, Season 4 is quintessential to know which way the creators are taking the show.

At Comic-Con, Sherlock‘s cast and creators shared three words that teased the upcoming season: “Thatcher,” “Sherrinford” and “Smith.” The season has also been teased with an image of the detective’s violin, bearing abroken string.

Sherlock is back with Season 4 which is due to start airing on January 1, 2017.

Will Sherlock Season 4 be the final Season?

Sherlock fans suffered a minor scare in Season 2 which reportedly saw Cumberbatch’s character jump to his death but quite predictably, Sherlock survived for a season 3 following a vague pattern of Conan Doyle’s similar incident with his fictional character. The Sherlock Holmes from the original novel was killed off by the celebrated author only to be brought back again on public demand in the story titled ‘The Empty House’. Quite similarly, Season 3 Episode 1, which was titled ‘The Empty Hearse’ saw Sherlock make a comeback under mysterious circumstances. One major giveaway as to why the fourth season might be the last for the series is the title of the final episode. Season 4, Episode 3 is titled ‘The Final Problem’ which is the very short story in which Conan Doyle killed off his famous private detective.

Whether this is yet another strategic play to toy with the minds of the viewers or if Sherlock Season 4 really is the last season of Sherlock is something that can be answered by the showrunners and that too after the season finale is aired. Till then, the speculation involving the three season 3 episodes are hot enough to keep fans’ minds busy. Nevertheless, the final episode of the fourth season, titled, “Sherlock: The Final Problem,” will air in selectmovie theatres for two nights, Jan. 16 and Jan. 18.

Sherlock Season 4 Episode 1 titled “The Six Thatchers”: Backstory

Mark Gatiss,who plays the on-screen role of Sherlock’s brother Mycroft Holmes and also happens to be the writer of the first episode, said in an interview that the first episode of Sherlock Season 4 will open on a light note before things get more intense. The reason for the same being the really long gap between the episodes as well as the fact that the writerneedsthe viewers to get re-acquainted with all the characters properly. Gatiss further reveals that “The Six Thatchers” was loosely based on ‘The Six Napoleons’ which was another one of Conan Doyle’s noted works. One of the first teaser words used at the Comic-con was ‘thatcher’ which has crept up again in the title of the first episode. The faint relevance of the story to the book revolves around the fact that just like Conan Doyle’s literary work, the episode revolves around six artefacts, which in this case are most probably six paintings/photos of Margaret Thatcher.

Also, the first episode of Sherlock Season 4 will also feature Mary and John’s first born and revolve around howthe high functioning sociopath deals with the new addition to his circle.

Is Jennifer Moriarty for real?

Jim Moriarty is dead and if anyone had whatsoever doubt regarding his existence post-Sherlock Season 3, the detective cleared that up convincingly in “The Abominable Bride”. But the physical absence of Moriarty is hardly a factor considering the extent of his empire of corrupt practices and here, what might just be the missing piece of quite an extensive puzzle is Jennifer Moriarty. There have been a huge amount of speculations involving Jim Moriarty’s successor as the next ‘Consulting Criminal’ and Jim’s half-sister is expected to come into play at some point during the upcoming season.

Diane Kruger is expected to make a guest appearance in Sherlock Season 4 as Jim Moriarty’s half-sister Jennifer Moriarty

Though the creators have been tight-lipped on the situation, German actress Diane Kruger has reportedly been cast as the guest character who is expected to have more than a guest role somewhere in Sherlock Season 4. There have been no leaked information pertaining to Jennifer Moriarty’s background as of yet and the only ones in the light of the facts are the cast and crew of Sherlock. And they are certainly not ones to reveal anything this early on.

Sherlock Season 4 will premiere on January 1, 2017 and will have three episodes like the previous seasons which are consecutively titled ‘The Six Thatchers’, ‘The Dying Detective’ and ‘The Final Problem’.

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