“Sherlock” season 4 spoiler alert: Will Sherlock face his demise?

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“Sherlock” season 4

The “Sherlock” cast and crew were reunited while filming for the season 4 of the series which began in April, and the filming of it came to an end on Aug. 5, with the anticipation of the showrunners claiming that it might be the beginning of the end of the BBC series, and more bad news might be ahead as the season premiers.

The rumors which are doing the rounds right now are of that the beloved detective might meet his demise as the season 4 of the series arrives. Season 4 begins with the unpredictable Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) back once more as Doctor Watson (Martin Freeman) on British soil, and his wife Mary prepares to face their biggest challenge yet, which is becoming parents.

As per rumors it was also previously confirmed that the role of Culverton Smith will be played by Toby Jones in the upcoming installment, which further adds to the speculation that the sight of a dying detective might be witnessed by the fans.

“The Dying Detective” tells the story that how a vindictive Smith tries to infect Sherlock with a rare infection that could kill him slowly. Smith has been accused by Sherlock of murder and now he will vengefully take the cruelest revenge by leading Sherlock to his death bed.

Watson (Martin Freeman) is believed to do anything for Sherlock to save him but his efforts might go in vain. The rumors later on got triggered when co- creator Mark Gatiss posted a picture on twitter with a cryptic message, which portrayed that a knife which belongs to Sherlock was pinned down on an envelope with a message which was addressed to Sherlock himself. The photo was also captioned with shocking words which said: “The Game is over for now. #Sherlock

Does this mean that Sherlock will die only to return back in Sherlock season 5?

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