Sherlock Season 4 Speculations and Updates: Benedict Cumberbatch Sheds Light on Rumours Associated With Tom Hiddleston’s Casting

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Sherlock Season 4

Sherlock Season 4: The fans are anxiously waiting to release their curiosity buds with the return of Sherlock Season 4 and now the speculations associated with the casting of the show has already started doing the rounds on the internet. Especially, rumours related to Tom Hiddleston‘s casting in the fourth instalment of Sherlock created quite a lot of buzz among the fandom and now the key man behind the crime drama tv series himself has opened up regarding all the speculations.

Benedict Cumberbatch Sheds Light on the Rumours Associated With Tom Hiddleston’s Casting in Sherlock Season 4

The speculations related to Tom Hiddleston’s casting in Sherlock Season 4 as Sherrinford Holmes made innumerable fans beam with joy, but now it seems that the speculations have been proven wrong. As per a recent report by RadioTimes, Benedict Cumberbatch who portrays the character of Sherlock Holmes said that Hiddleston won’t be starring in Sherlock Season 4 and stated that the casting of the Thor actor is a false news.

Nevertheless, millions of them were left with a dispirited heart after Cumberbatch opened up about the speculations associated with Sherlock Season 4.

Benedict Cumberbatch Hints at Sherlock Season 4 Being Extremely Dramatic

Each and every season of Sherlock has been immensely intriguing till date as the seasons left no stone unturned to keep the fans hooked on to its plotline throughout. And now Cumberbatch has teased an extremely dramatic Sherlock Season 4. The viewers wanted to get an insight into the happenings of the forthcoming season when Aol reported that Cumberbatch has stated that the viewers might want to take a break after watching Sherlock Season 4 due to its highly dramatic scenarios and there might be a much longer gap between the episodes of Sherlock Season 4 after the delivery of its very first episode.

Cumberbatch mentioned the possible after effects of watching the first episode of Sherlock Season 4 by stating “First and foremost we have got a fourth series for people to watch and understand and when they watch it they might go ‘Oh yeah, maybe there does need to be a break now’ because of what happens in it. No spoilers!”. 

As it so appears, the fans have a lot to look forward to the happenings of Sherlock Season 4 and they just cannot hold on to their patience right now. But they can be assured of the fact that this time the potency level of the plot line will escalate right from the very beginning.

The special episode which was screened on January 1, 2016, acquired quite a lot of positive responses from the fandom as the delivery of its plotline kept up with their expectations. In the episode titled as “The Abominable Bride”, fans saw how Sherlock and Dr Watson land themselves up in the 1890s era during Christmas.

Sherlock Season 4 will hit the television screens on January 1, 2017, with its first episode titled as “The Six Thatchers”. Nevertheless, the fans are once again expecting that each and every character of the crime drama series will bring out the exact requirement of the scenarios with extreme excellence.

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