Shashank Manohar Reconsiders Decision; Set to Stay ICC Chairman

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Shashank Manohar

There has been a great hue and cry for quite some time now in the Indian cricket regarding the turmoil that BCCI has gone through. Amidst all this, the latest addition to the controversial incidents has been Shashank Manohar who a few days back came up with the idea that he would give up his post at the helm of the highest authority in the game of cricket.

Shashank Manohar
Shashank Manohar takes a U-turn and decides to hold on to his post as the chairman of the International Cricket Council

It has been more than just a week that Mr. Manohar resigned from the post of ICC Chairman. And it took him just over a week to overturn his decision and stage a comeback to the post which he has got without any opposition. It is believed that ICC would be ready to welcome him back at the helm as they are currently undergoing a transition as far as the financial and structural administration of cricket is concerned.

Following his resignation, there were enough talks going around regarding the fact that all the higher officials of ICC have come up with the request to make him stay at the post he held. And it seems that he has answered to their calls with this decision. Regarding his U-turn, he has been quoted saying, “I respect the sentiments expressed by the directors and the confidence they have reposed in me. In the light of this, and although my decision to depart due to personal reasons has not changed, I am willing to continue as chairman till the responsibility as per the resolution is complete.” Citing his duty towards the post that he held he said that he would be looking forward to making things much smoother as ICC is at the moment going through a number of changes.

Shashank Manohar had been one of the most efficient administrators that cricket has got in the recent times. He for the first time announced his arrival on the stage when he became the chairman of BCCI in the year 2008. He held the position for three years till 2011. He made a comeback after the passing away of Jagmohan Dalmiya in 2015. After that, he became the chairman of ICC in the month of May last year which definitely remains to be the highlight of his career as an administrator.

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