Shameless Swami: Video of Swami Om teaching yoga to a topless girl goes viral!

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Shameless Swami

Swami Om can be rightfully renamed as ‘Tharki Baba.’ The man, who has been known for creating controversies time and again, is back in news again. Thanks to this new video. It was just last week that the video of the Baba meditating when a girl was dancing wearing a two piece bikini came out. And trust us; even C grade is a standard too up for the video. And while, we were not even over with the disgust of the previous one, this new video came out! Here we see Baba teaching yoga to a completely topless girl. How horrific is that now? Sure, a lot!

Seems like the Baba is completely out of his mind and that is why being involved in all these vulgar activities. We are sure; the Baba will have a ‘Justification’ for this one too! Prior to this, Om Swami was a part of the reality show, Bigg Boss season 10 too, where we saw him, irritate and annoy everyone. Almost all the BB fans remember the episode, where Baba threw his pee on Bani J. It was this particular act, which got him eliminated. Even Salman Khan was all furious on Baba and had given up his hopes on him! We wonder what more, ‘wonders’ this baba is yet to show!


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