Shameless Season 8: More Turmoil Ahead of Frank?

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SHAMELESS (Season 3)

Shameless Season 8:Several fans beamed with joy when the American comedy-drama television series Shameless got officially renewed for its eighth season. The plot line of the series has been tickling the funny bones of fans since six long years with its immense hilarity, due to which it has been extremely well received by the viewers. Nevertheless, speculations have already started pouring in regarding Shameless Season 8 and viewers are anxiously waiting to know about Frank’s fate in the upcoming instalmentas he has landed himself into turmoil several times in the previous seasons.

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Frank to Associate Himself with More Problems in Shameless Season 8?

The father of six intellectual children Francis Frank Gallagher is often seen in an intoxicated state due to which he is not liked by most of the people. And despite having a good brain, his outlook and nature have fetched him the title of an alcoholic or a drunkard. Parenting and Frank do not go hand in hand at all and his kids often have to clean up the mess that he leaves behind at the Gallagher home. Therefore, it can be speculated that Frank might be associated with bigger problems in Shameless Season 8 by creating more turmoil for everyone, and also for himself. Frank might not be in the good books of the people around him as well as his children, but his deeds surely turn out to be hilarious for the viewers.

Emmy Rossum’s Salary Negotiation with the Showrunners

Shameless Season 8 will come back on Showtime with 12 brand new episodes and the production will kick-start from this year itself, as reported by Variety. Emmy Rossum, who essays the role of Fiona, Frank’s eldest daughter, had hinted about the renewal ahead of its announcement. However, we all knew about Rossum asking for a salary hike so that William H. Macy and her pay is equal as Hollywood Reporter had shed light on it earlier. The report further states that even Macy renegotiated with the producers regarding his contract and now his salary is much higher than the other cast.

Nevertheless, there might have been a lot of confusions between Emmy Rossum and William H. Macy but we can take a deep sigh right now, as Shameless Season 8 is soon going to hit the television screens soon.

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