Shameless Season 7 Air Date, Synopsis, Spoilers: Actress Emmy Rossum leaving the Show?

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Shameless Season 7

Shameless Season 7: Frank Gallagher and his dysfunctional kindred are making a return to the small screen with Shameless Season 7 this October. The American comedy-drama series has been a fan favourite since it began airing in 2011, and the fresh instalment indicates that Frank and his children are nowhere near being done yet.

To offer a little background, Shameless has at its centre the Gallagher family whose trials and tribulations in life make them amply relatable to many Americans. Frank Gallagher
(William H. Macy) is a single father of six who likes to drink his days away, while his eldest daughter Fiona (Emmy Rossum) shoulders all the responsibility of keeping the family together in the best way that she can afford. Most of Frank’s children detest him for his ignorance and while he had gone missing for a while after being hurled from a bridge, his children barely missed him.

Synopsis: In Shameless Season 7, Frank wakes up in the hospital from a coma post being rescued, but is heartbroken to find out that he has not figured much in his children’s thoughts. Angered beyond means, Frank prepares to disown his family; but at the same time, Fiona finds it increasingly difficult to handle the difficulties at her job. The synopsis on Showtime reads: “Ready to disown his family, Frank takes Liam under his wing and starts a new life barricaded on the top floor of the Gallagher home. Fiona, meanwhile, adopts a new, relaxed attitude and starts running Patsy’s Pies on her own terms. Ian tries out heterosexuality, and Carl finds himself forced into abstinence.”

Besides these characters, the others too will be facing their own difficulties. Debbie will be facing troubles raising Franny, and to be able to give her daughter a good life she will begin stealing. Lip, one of the brightest among the Gallagher siblings, has completed his stay at the rehab and is determined to stay sober. Carl, on the other hand, will consider going beneath the knife after coming to know that he’s the only one among his brothers who has not been circumcised.

Shameless Season 7 Spoilers: According to several rumours, Fiona Gallagher will find it difficult to cope with the pressure at her job simultaneously with her family. The trailer for Season 7 shows Fiona being fed up with all the stress and finally uttering: “The past 10 years I’ve taken care of every Gallagher in this family except one,” and then concluding that she is done. Fiona is a smart and intelligent girl who was forced to drop out of school early to take care of her family. But her intentions of getting out of this bind and live on her own terms have been made clear before. Now reports say that Fiona might be leaving the family for good. So new spoilers hint at the possibility that Fiona will be making her exit from the family in the upcoming season itself, marking actress Emmy Rossum’s departure from the show. However, this has not been confirmed yet.

Shameless Season 7 will begin airing on October 2, 2016. Stay tuned for more updates.

Update: Some new spoilers have surfaced recently about Shameless Season 7 Episode 4, slated to be titled I Am A Storm. According to the plot synopsis, we will see Frank Gallagher do something pretty nutty in terms of finding a new family; apparently, Fiona’s father will try to make a new family out of a group of homeless people to show his nonchalance towards his children. Fiona, on the other hand, will continue to pursue various ideas in order to boost business at Patsy’s Pies. However, the episode promo strongly suggests that Fiona will come close to wanting out of the Gallagher family drama as she is clearly heard saying that she is done taking care of everyone in the family “except one.” If Fiona does decide to leave, it would be pivotal in altering the family’s existing dynamics where most of the members, including Frank, tend to take things for granted at times.

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