Shameful! Tejas Express Returns In A Bad Condition.

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Tejas Express

It was really exciting to learn about the much-awaited luxury train ‘Tejas Express’ flagged off by Suresh Prabhu from Mumbai to Goa. It is a superfast train which runs at a speed of 130 kph. It boasts automatic entrance doors, Wi-Fi facility, tea/coffee vending machines.

However, in spite of such wonderful facilities given by Indian government, it was really shameful on seeing Tejas returning in a bad condition. The train windows were smashed, headphones were stolen and toilets were soiled. Passengers are highly responsible for such damaging public property. Around, 12 of the high-quality headphones offered for the screens showcasing advertorial content are missing as per the railway officials.

An official told, “The headphones were distributed just after the journey commenced. There wasn’t an announcement to return the headphones because we expected passengers to not carry them away, just like they don’t take away pillows and blankets.”

The train will run five days a week – Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday— during the non-monsoon period and costs Rs 1190 for an AC seat and Rs 2590 for an AC executive seat.

It is our responsibility to take care of the public property and be grateful to the government for such a wonderful luxury train. The way Tejas Express returned was really shameful.

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