Shahrukh Khan’s DU Admission Form Is On Social Media Getting Trolled For His English Score

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Shahrukh Khan’s DU Admission Form

Shahrukh Khan, the wittiest & well-spoken celebrity of the B-town is known for his vast knowledge, control on language and witty ideas. He has spoken on many reputed platforms including TED and University of Edinburgh. But, after seeing what he scored in his English test in the college the trolls as well as the fans are surprised. King Khan scored 51 out of 100 in his English paper.

A rare photo of Shah Rukh Khan’s Admission Form in Delhi University. 🙂

Posted by DU Times on Monday, May 15, 2017

It all started after Shahrukh’s admission form for the Hansraj College which comes under Delhi University was out on the social media. The form has the marks Shahrukh scored in Maths and Physics but what has scored the highest attention is the actor’s score in the English language.

The response of both the fans and the trolls is worth seeing. Perhaps the actor would also be surprised to experience the uproar his form made on the social media.

People look completely astonished that how a person can be so fluent & well-equipped with spoken English when he scored only half of the marks in the particular subject. While on the other hand, there are many defenders trying to prove that the college grades are nothing to do with spoken English.

There is another set of people who is taking inspiration from this as they believe that it is only hard work, dedication & talent that pave your way to success but not what you score in your college or school.

In an interview with a leading news daily, the Hans Raj College principal said, “Sharing an admission form is not illegal but making fun of his marks is not right. Students should understand that the scenario was different back then. The marking scheme and checking were different and difficult back then. I feel proud that Shah Rukh is from my college and marks don’t matter, it is the overall development that matters.”

Screenshot from Facebook

But, the best group of people is the one that is struggling to get admission in the Hans Raj College and comparing their sheets with that of Shahrukh. A Facebook User, Mahender Bharti wrote on his wall, “Bc itne marks me to ab Hansraj kya ..Aurobindo collage bhi nhi milta ..”

No matter what, DU Times has gained a lot of popularity overnight since the upload of this form. They say, “We shared it online to showcase that marks don’t matter if you are hardworking enough and know your aim in life. And, who can be a better person to set an example than Shah Rukh Khan? Through our portal, we encourage students. Also, celebrity posts attract a lot of traffic and students tend to talk about them more. When it’s the King of Bollywood, traffic is must,”

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