Shahid Kapoor Threatens Ranveer Singh to Stay in Limits or else He will Leave Padmavati

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Shahid Kapoor Threatens Ranveer Singh

Padmavati, the moment the movie came into news as the upcoming project of Sanjay Leela Bhansali it si showing no sign to stay away from controversy. From the casting turmoil to the budget issue the movie has seen all. Now the latest buzz has shocked all that Shahid Kapoor who will be playing Ratansen has threaten the director Sanjay Leela Bhansali to move out of the project if Ranveer Singh did not stop his negative behavior!


It is true that Ranveer Singh is being nosy from the very first day of the movie production as he demanded the script that offended the director. Though that was solved when Ranveer visited Sanjay and solved the anger. But now he is again being too intrusive by demanding Shahid’s scene to be cut down and he must have less screen presence. The situation got worst when Ranveer went to the extent of saying Shahid should not be in the first poster of the movie. So that Ranveer and his reallife lady love Deepika can get all the attention. This was the last straw for Shahid to take and he called SLB to say Ranveer needs to stop the ugly politics or else he has to take the harsh decision of leaving the project.

As Sanjay has already invested a lot of time and money such situation can prove to be suicidal for the project. The casting part was difficult for him and any kind of change in this ninth hour can damage the movie. In such a condition what will be his next step will be interesting to watch!

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