Shahid Kapoor Opens on Offscreen Chemistry With His Co-Stars

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A few months back, there were reports that Kangana Ranaut’s continuous interference in the making of upcoming film Rangoon, has led to a kind of cold war between the curly-haired lass and Shahid Kapoor, who plays an INA soldier in the film, thus leaving her movie mates hard-hearted. Recently, another lead star Shahid Kapoor opened up on the chemistry between his co-actors, Kangana as well as Saif.



During an interview given to a leading daily as well as a press conference held for the promotion of Deepika-Vin next venture “XXX-Return of Xander’s Cage”, Shahid clarified the air by stating that,“There are no issues between Kangana and me. I also read a report that we might not promote the film together. There is no problem. I will promote the film whenever, wherever happily with Kangana and Saif, who is also a very big part of the film.”

However, an entirely different development comes from a local media house where they admitand reveal that they give their shots together like two strangers, and move away into their vans. Basically,It started with mild arguments on the sets about how to interpret a shot, where to stand on the set, how to deliver a line, etc. As the shooting progressed, it blew up into a huge war of words between the two. By the time the shooting was wrapped up, they were not even looking at one another until the camera was on.

When confronted the same with Shahid, he dismissed the entire developmentopinionating as one can also say that there are three heroines in the film and no heroes. He suppressed on the matter saying that heroines are no less than actors nowadays and with Rangoon in the making there is threeprotagonist in the film, which is definitely to watch out for. So, fans of Saif and Kangana will be given a gift as a big surprise when they see a power-house performance of the actors, including Shahid.

Directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, Rangoon is all set to hit the global screen on February 24, 2017.

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