Shah Rukh Khan’s Reaction on Karan Johar’s Tweet Goes Viral

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Shah Rukh Khan’s

Shah Rukh Khan and Karan Johar has been the best pal for last decade. In a recent reaction, Shah Rukh Khan has trolled Karan Johar heavily. Karan Johar told something about his experiences in Twitter and social media- how he has been facing unexpected comments very frequently.

Shah Rukh Khan was the first person who trolled publicly, and many other celebrities have followed the path after that.

See what happened actually. You can have a glimpse of those not so serious discussions.

The entire media industry has gone upside down on this tweet where SRK mentioned Karan Johar as “G** Ma*******.” There is nothing else. It’s just praise. Earlier Karan Johar revealed some interesting experiences in social medias.

Karan Johar wrote something in his column in NDTV-

While most people have alarm clocks, I get to wake up every morning to “gay ma*****od, good morning”.

It is, I grant you, not the usual, but there it is.

I was one of the first early Twitter users from the film fraternity. And back then in 2009, I thought I was going to enter a world where people liked me, knew me, knew my work – it was going to be fine! All about the love, not the hate. And it was. At first.

But then started the phase where I began to wake up to “gay ma*****od, good morning”. Every morning. Or just “hi gay”. I am routinely called “chakka“. Every so often, I’m told I’m a transsexual/transvestite/sister-shagging homosexual, which is actually, if you think about it, a contradiction in terms.

(Credit: NDTV)

Karan Johar replied back-

Then Twinkle Khanna, Neha Dhupia, Farah Khan, etc. catch the conversation. Here these are-

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