Sex During the COVID-19 Public Health Advisory

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Sex During the COVID-19

The most common question remains – is sex safe? or Safer sex during COVID -19. Because it is a pandemic situation with wearing the mask is mandatory and maintaining social distancing is the common norm around the nation. Though any in-person sexual contact of course carries some risk, though there are suggestions to have physical contact safely.


COVID -19 Transmission

Before getting to know safer sex during COVID-19, we have to know some common facts about the pandemic disease. COVID-19 is a kind of respiratory disease it can transmit through saliva. Kissing can pass the virus. Whereas there is no proof for the vaginal fluid has not carried the COVID-19. So it means that oral sex can spread covid -19 for sure. At the same, it is proven that the coronavirus is transmitted via semen, in both cases such as the men who have active virus infections as well as the men who had recovered recently. Know more Best Sex Postions

Sex During the COVID-19 fabnewz

What is the risk?

Sex during covid -19 involves different levels of risk. It is said that the safest sexual activity is solo or remote. Solo sex means masturbation which is safe but just remembers to wash your hands. Remote sex involves remote options such as sexting, videos, etc/

It is well known that have physical contact as the safest option is with your wife/husband or with the person you already live with. Make sure they are in the circumstances with less exposure to COVID-19 which means maintaining the social distancing, washing hands, wearing masks and gloves in public places.


Guidance for safer sex during COVID-19

NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene comes with the set of guidelines for safer sex during COVID-19. Here given the basic step to follow to enjoy sex as well as not being a coronavirus victim.

•      As already said solo sex will not spread coronavirus unless you wash your hands with medical soap or sanitizer.

•      Sex with the safer person who is already your partner, who helps to prevent spreading the COVID-19, and of course all partners should agree to this point.

•      Limit with your close contact not only meant sex but also any form of physical contact includes causal handshakes and hugs. The reason is you are not sure about their COVID-19 diagnosis. Only after 10 days the symptoms are started so be careful with the new contact.

•      For those who want to get pregnant or carrying telemedicine options are available these days which is helpful for those who cannot go out to the pharmacy or hospital.

Sex During the COVID-19 fab newz

Relationship during lockdown

During this pandemic and lockdown situation, some people may think this is a childish topic irrelevant to the scenario. But actually, it is not. Some couples who are healthy and strong enough both physically and relationship-wise, even find their selves exposed to the stressful situation during this time. Because they are cannot tolerate 24/7 staying in the home. In some other cases who are supposed to be distant either for work or have live far due to medical and health reasons or include self-quarantine.

Caution for parents

Being in situations where schools and education institutions are cancelled across the country, kids and students are spending their time on phones and pcs.  There are possibilities that the kids are left less supervision since their parents are forced to work remotely or work from home, who have not time to care for their children. Some research proves that the children maximum spending their time on the online increase in digital activity among the sexual predators who are aiming the kids.

Aware of your children by talking and get them to know about the sexual predators and make warn them to share their personal information and encourage secrecy. Do not shame to educate your children about the digital molester. Always the key has to be with the parents to access the privacy and settings about the apps and online site to report and block the unwanted things.


Safer sex during COVID-19 includes the physical and mental aspects to be cleared and little control and precautions to be followed for the satisfying contact. Condoms both inner and outer are recommended to prevent any sort of viral infections includes COVID-19. Do share the article to spread awareness during this pandemic situation. Have safe sex and life.

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