Sex and the City is Possibly Coming Back!

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Sex and the City

When it comes to the term Feminism, we all can relate it to the hit TV series ‘Sex and the City‘, where Carrie Bradshaw gave us a new perspective of the urban lifestyle of women in New York. Apparently, the show was initially frowned upon as it showcased the raunch culture, but it gained such immense popularity that it was on air for six seasons. Sources say that CarrieBradshaw is to reunite with her besties with a new season, and the fans are going crazy. In an interview, Sarah Jessica Parker confined that, it has not been decided whether the comeback is going to be the hit TV series or movie, but it is for sure that we would get to see the four sassy and confident ladies on screen soon.

The TV series gained such immensepopularity that in 2008 the fans got to see the movie ‘Sex and the City’ in theatres. Again in 2010, we sawCarrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda take over AbuDhabi in style. The series was based on the book of the same name written by Candace Bushnell in 1997, and the adaptation was so well acclaimed that it had about 54 Emmy Award nomination. For some, it might be the portrayal of the extravagant lifestyle led by the women living in the posh side of New York. However, for others, it is about four bad-ass women, who know how to lead a prosperous life without being in the shadow of a man. Check Also Best Anal Lube

Even though it is not a confirmed news that there will be the comeback of the four stylish and beautiful women on screen, the fans of ‘Sex in the City‘ are busy rejoicing at the slightest possibility of the reunion of their favouriteshow. Apart from eagerly anticipating the fashionable clothes and shoes that Carrie Bradshaw brings out every single time.

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