Sequoia India To Invest $7.5 millions In A Cloud Production Company

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Sequoia India has invested approximately $7.5 millions in a cloud video production platform named 90 seconds. The company is mainly subjected to create videos for various brands in which one can purchase, plan, shoot, edit and review from anywhere in the world. The firm also allows other company’s to view their videos on daily basis with an even procedure.

The conglomerate Sequoia India took to decision in recent business events where they chose to invest such huge amount. Apart from them, other business platforms like SKY TV New Zealand, Airtree Ventures, Beenext and also came forward for participation.


The sole decision Sequoia India to invest $8 millions (approx.) in a cloud production  company/platform was its remarkable work and hardships adhered by them. 90 seconds have eventually grown into a big company simply by serving one of best known brands of the world. These are supposed to be Canon, Google, Mc Donald’s, PayPal, Virgin, Exxon Mobiles, Rolls Royce, Cricket Australia, Financial Times, Oracle, JLL, nad many more. The companies are countless and have very strong presence in overall market.

According to 90 seconds higher designators, ” The whole video production process is managed in our simple, beautiful, easy-to-use cloud platform” This might be the sole reason that the cloud production company has already served up to 1000 brands by making 10,000 videos in not less than 65 countries. The idea to invest multi-millions from Sequoia India was an ossification.

In today’s era where cloud videos are used in every day basis, it is quite obvious to promote and support (financially) a company in such manner. We look forward for better partnership between Sequoia India and cloud production company 90 seconds in more compact manner.

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