SEO vs Paid Traffic – Which Is Right For Your Business?

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Paid or Organic, which is the right one?Have this question troubled you in the past, or is it doing right now?

Well, the way is not as easy to find as it will seem. The comparison debate of paid vs organic has always been a heated one, and it isn’t going to cease being so any time soon.

So, the prudent thing to do on your end would be to make sure you’re abreast with the paradigms of both, paid and organic search.

Not only this, very vague and inaccurate generalizations have been made around the world on how one of paid and organic trumps the other. Marketers around the world have been taking sides as it suits them. This article is not going to be the typical old-school biased comparison of organic and paid traffic. We will be discussing the two based on defined segments and you can choose which one is more suitable for your business in the easiest way possible once you’re done reading this.

Read on.

  1. What is Google’s stand on it? As all of us know, the search engine is managed and even manipulated by Google so as to suit their revenue and profitability. Now, Google is known to tweak around the search engine algorithm.

The behemoth, Google, released a report which showed a big 53% increase in the paid clicks by google search users in the year 2017, which is more than a compelling argument to make one go big on paid traffic.

The Google increased the number of paid results on the first page from 3 to 4 recently. This, coupled with the fact that the whole business of Google and the revenue that comes with it, is based on the money they earn from PPC campaigns. No way Google wants to give up on that shitload of money.

So to sum it up, Google is going to make sure that their revenue from paid clicks increases, and won’t think twice before discriminating with the organic results. That should make you try to be prepared for dealing with the PPC campaigns and what comes with it.


What would the marketers suggest you?

If you’ve come across any marketer in the Search Engine Marketing field, you must have felt them be inclined to make you go for paid traffic rather than organic. The sole reason behind this is that the PPC marketing campaigns are bound to make them more money as compared to that of SEO or any other thing.

So, you need to be a little bit skeptical here. Evaluate your needs, and the situation you’re in, as no one else can fathom it other than you.

You need to remember some of these statistics in order to stop yourself from making a reckless, or naive decision.

  1. Organic results get as many as 8.5 times more clicks as compared to the Best paid search traffic results.
  2. The clicks generated by the Paid search results are able to convert as much as 1.5 times more as compared to that of organic visitors.
  3. Another thing worth mentioning here would be the 1/8th cost of SEO for organic as compared to that of PPC.

So, you need to find the right and the fit as per the industry, your brand, your online presence and the resources which you have at your disposal end.

The Right Balance– Any industry, from bread to automotive, everything is complex. You can’t just expect a big turnover doing a simple thing. If it were that easy, the world wouldn’t be the way it is. It’s the same bloodbath out there in the search engine marketing.

No one thing would get you success. You need to be successful, and proactive on different fronts. Now, the thing here to pressure upon is thinking what you are doing at every step of the way.

There will be a host of keywords and set of queries you will want your business to rank for. Now, aiming to achieve this for every related keyword or inquiry through only one of PPC or organic would never be prudent. Sure, you can work on your SEO to rank for some of them, which takes time and effort. At the same time, you can work with the PPC specialist to get paid traffic.

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Balance is the word, here.

Testing– Testing your landing page, the shopping place you want is an integral part of building a foothold for your business. Now, it isn’t a great thing to put up ads for any page you feel like just for the sake of putting an ad.

Getting it right, extraction of value from it is the key here. What you need to is, prepare the pages to the best of your ability, test it with organic traffic, get insights from your known ones. This will help you optimize them so you can make the most out of the PPC investment of yours.

The Timeline– You need to be clear about the timeline that you are following. It really doesn’t make sense that you pay for those PPC campaigns for a span of 10 years. It’s inefficient and uneconomical. You need to find the balance between the short term and long term strategies as per your goals over a certain period of time.

Talking of the short run, PPC campaigns sure to cut it for you.

While it can’t be said for the organic reach, it’s definitely not as easy as the people with “Rank #1 by next morning” will tell you it is. However, with proper planning, content creation, and SEO, you can rank for any keywords or search queries you want or need. So, it all boils down to balance, again.

So, this was all you needed to know about Paid and Organic traffic. The best advice anyone would give you is to look for a balance to strike of both, paid and organic traffic.

Keep experimenting the things, analyzing them and repeating them. Until you have to find the Right Combination for your success. SEO Expert Chennai offering a cost-effective solution for small, medium and large-Scale businesses for the last 7+ years to improve their website search rankings.

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