Selena Gomez Back in Rehab to Deal with “Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Depression”

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Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has taken a holiday for a month from the limelight. To focus more on her “health and happiness” this holiday for her is a much-needed one. And now the report says that she has entered into a rehab facility in Tennessee. By a number of sources, the US Magazine was informed that this melodious singer has cancelled her revival tour in the mid-way to deal with the side effects of Lupus disease which she is suffering from. Now she wants some professional help in order to focus on her “mental health.” However, the report says that as Selena is suffering from Lupus disease, she can even drag herself in a very dark place. Outside of Nashville, there are facilities which were described by the source. The source also told the magazine that though the place is “private and quiet” yet it is “super intense.”


However, the Kill Em With Kindness hitmaker had been spotted in Tennessee earlier when Gomez stopped in Texas Roadhouse for a lunch date in Alcoa. But an eyewitnessed source now says that she has been quite in a joyous mood as she clicked some photographs with her fellow fans. The onlooker also gives a statement where it is clearly noted that Gomez could not be more gracious to every of her fans out there. She was happier than ever to take pictures with anyone and everyone. But the US magazine report adds that this is not the first time for this singer to have checked into a rehab facility. In the previous year in 2014, Gomes was diagnosed with the chronic autoimmune disease. However, according to the gossips, this pop star announced a break on August 30. And since then, she has stopped going further to her new projects. But a music industry reported that she was supposed to come for the recordings but without informing anything she went for a holiday. Isn’t it an abnormal thing? Indeed!


But we see a down-to-earth Gomez in her speech where she thanks her fans for supporting her. In her speech, she says that she has decided to take a break from her career, and she also prays for the same support from her fans as she copes with  “anxiety, panic attacks and depression.” She mentions in her speech that she wants some alone time in order to be “proactive”. Special is the word cited by her for her dear fans. She also says that to be at her best she needs this time. However, IBTimes UK has reached to the representatives of Gomez and now is waiting for further responses.

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