Scorpion Season 3 Air Date, Spoilers, Speculations: What’s in for Walter and Paige?

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Scorpion Season 3

Scorpion Season 3: Scorpion, the CBS television series that is loosely based on the life of Irish computer genius Walter O’Brien, will return to the small screen after a break of a few months with a third season. While the show’s ratings and viewership have not been great ever since it started airing, it has struck a nerve among those with an interest in an action-packed tech drama.

On the show, tech genius Walter O’Brien, who has an incredibly high IQ of 197, and his team constitute Scorpion, a special unit that has been brought together by aUS Homeland Security agent. Among some of the other guys that work alongside Walter are “human calculator” Sylvester Dodd, and “world-class shrink” Toby Curtis, while Paige Dineen helps the team interact with regular people. The genius members of Scorpion work together to solve complex technical issues and address hazards that threaten the world.

The last episode of Scorpion Season 2 was one of sheer torture as Walter came to his senses about his true feelings for Paige. It’s no secret to anyone that Paige likes him back, but his apparent aloofness to her feelings makes her doubt the possibility of a chance of a future together. Walter, on the otherhand, is too shy to address his feelings towards Paige. Tim Armstrong, another guy who has liked Paige for a long time, offered to take her to a jazz festival and Paige agreed, despite having true feelings in her heart for Walter. However, by the end of the episode, Walter looked ready to tell Paige about his true feelings for her.

In Scorpion Season 3, Walter will hopefully be able to muster all his courage to confess toPaige about how he feels about her unless things go really awry. So while fans were upset with the possible fate of the two last season, they are hopeful that Paige and Walter will find a way to be together in the upcoming instalment of the show. However, things may look up for the lovers for a really short span, as Walter might meet with a major accident that will possibly endanger his life.

Other than Paige and Walter, fans also want to see how things will pan out betweenToby and Happy, as Happy had not accepted Toby’s marriage proposal in the last season. However, it seems that the characters will set aside theirpersonal issues to focus on something bigger. In the premiere episode of Scorpion Season 3 titled “Civil War,” viewers will see Team Scorpion dealing with anonymous hackers threateningto use classified information about U.S. military aircraft and warships against the country’s population. Episode 2, titled “More Civil War“, will continuewith the issue from Episode 1 and show the team go against the hackers who have control of U.S. naval destroyers as well as at least one nuclear submarine. That means that the team will have to put in everything they have to battle the threat of an imminent nuclear destruction.

But if Walter suffers a serious injury, as MovieNewsGuide predicts, then his team may have to go ahead with the mission without him.

Scorpion Season 3 will premiere on CBS starting October 3, 2016.

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