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Development Channel

Development Channel Scam Alert

Charles N Lambert is the self-proclaimed king of the black wall street and the inventor of compassionate capitalism. He claims to be a man ordained by God to make a superpower Africa.

In Uganda where he is now, he started with Development Channel where many people “invested in UPAP stocks. (Universal Poverty Alleviation Program) which he claims will rid Africa of poverty. He collected a lot of money. This he used to acquire property on Kintante close in Kampala which is home to the Black Wall Street House and to finance his fetishes by living the life of a king that he claims to be.

He had initially promised people returns of $100 every month indefinitely after 3 months from the time of investment. He had pomp all over with famous artists running ads for the program. The likes of Salvador and many other famous Nigerian actors and actresses. It’s been over 4 years in Uganda now (Having run away from his home in Nigeria) and no one has seen a single coin and no one is going to ever.

About 2 or so years ago when his scheme was going by Development Channel, people come out and protested and he was arrested but cunning as he is he managed to get himself out.

Development Channel

He prides on helping president Museveni to bring down Bobi Wine in the recently concluded elections. He was behind the lame video of some random white guys rubbishing Bobi wine, to me that clip had no impact at all. This he did, not for the love of Museveni but to buy protection for himself.

He is currently broke, he is surviving on the few individuals who still strongly believe in him that they continue to invest in the “UPAP” program, and these are mostly Nigerians. He keeps promising them that soon the stocks will be completed and they will be able to withdraw.

He is so bloke that he will accept any money there is. He has restructured the stock price from $750 to $230 and even offered a payment plan for those who can not pay up at once.


Development Channel Scam

Soon he is going to be selling subscriptions to non-existing programs. These will be going for $10 or less. Many are going to fall for this because the money will be seemingly little, but on his side when the numbers start growing, he will be collecting billions of dollars. This is how he expects to start paying the earlier investors. The initial money that he collected was spent on the property, gifts to a few workers back then, women and the lavish erotic parties that he throws at the Black Wall Street house from time to time.

Whatever he thought would make him money initially failed, but he never sleeps he is always cooking. He now has the 28 programs for which he is sourcing money to complete (some on paper others in his head) he wants to create a satellite TV that focuses on 28 problem sectors of Africa each coming with a subscription of a few dollars. This is where he expects to get money to pay the existing investors. So if you are an investor or are intending to invest, you can see that you don’t have any hope of dividends coming your way soon as he promises. His scheme looks legit in theory now but it surely is not practical. There are so many investors waiting to withdraw and others want to cash out. The claims of wanting to complete the UPAP slots first are a hoax, this man abandoned that program a long time ago. He is now focused on the 28 programs which are not going to take off today, tomorrow and ever. Be woke people!

A man whose idea was to create a superpower in Africa, by Africans for Africa is now putting his focus on India. Whichever way he intends to sell this scheme to Indians, we are yet to see. One thing is for sure though, he is looking at the numbers in terms of population. So India, watch out for Charles N Lambert.

He is a ruthless user, he deceives young people that he will offer them work, they flock to his premises in big numbers only to be told that will be paid a commission based on their ability to recruit people. If that does not work he gets rid of them like fleas. With no communication at all, they just get bounced at the entrance, he orders the guards not to open for them. Note, the door to his premises is always locked, you cannot get through the first gate without explaining what you are there for. If that is not paranoia of a criminal, what is it?

He is a sex pest he has slept and attempted to sleep with every female that walks into the Black Wall Street house. He has several kids with different women, two baby mamas and their kids leave with him at the Black Wall Street house which doubles as residence and office. The girls that do not agree to sexual advances leave or are made to leave.

Be Safe from Development Channel Scam

He promises everyone who joins the Black Wall Street money in billions in a very short time. This keeps them working without pay in anticipation of the billions in the future. Once he has achieved his target, off you go. They are promised contracts and permanent placement in the different non-existing sectors but this never comes to pass.

He has no mobile phone. Most of the communication is done by or through his side-kick Lawrence. That’s the only guy allowed to make mistakes, everybody else has to be perfect, or get their ass kicked.

They work with no contract whats so ever, this leaves them with nowhere to run to once he gets rid of them. He claims to be the creator of compassionate capitalism but he has no compassion whatsoever. He wants everybody to believe that he is doing them a favour yet he is simply exploiting them and wasting their life.

He recruits mostly girls, beautiful ones for that matter. He always has them around him and he demands that they dress skimpily, he does not want anyone that does not look sexy around him.

He is so full of himself everything is done by intimidation, he threatens to beat up people if anything does not go as he wants it. He has only one permanent employee Lawrence Chidoze, the rest of the other 6 or 7 ladies 2 being his baby mamas, are thrown around one day they are supervisors another recruiter, cooks or anything he feels like. These ladies have lost their lives to him, so much that they now have no option but to stick by his side until his “dream” comes true.

He does not take advice from anyone because he feels he knows it all, he only listens to the “God of Abraham”. The people around him are merely bootlickers and blind followers.

He is so much against the Europeans and Americans for their contribution to impoverishing Africa but he still uses their name Charles N Lambert (the N must be for the African name) and he also brags about the fact that he is Western-trained. He never misses mentioning in his speech how he had spent a long time in America, has two degrees etc.

He commands so much authority, he is the CEO, director, general manager, human resources manager etc. He demands that everyone fears him, he does not care whether you respect him or not but you must fear him. He demands that people stand up whenever he works into a room to address them. You only sit when he permits you to do so. When he asks you to confirm something he has said and you are response is affirmative (it has to be) you raise your hand straight until he says “hands down”.

He claims to be a very spiritual person he has a chapel at the Black Wall Street house which is attended on irregular occasions. He prays hard and speaks in “tounges”. After the prayers, some of the people move with him to the club also at the same residence. That is where all the craziness happens, everything from booze, strippers, dirty dances etc.

He strongly believes in the old testament, he sacrifices to God like it was done in the past. In this chapel, it is inscribed “ No tithe no offering”. He promises to fight and bring down all religions in the world once his scheme works. If this is not being demented, I don’t know what it is. He is an orator when he speaks, if you do not have enough grace/ discernment you will believe and follow him.

He is on a path to the unknown, and he wants to drug Africa along with him. He claims to have been instructed by God to take all the money from Africans because the Africans “are stupid”. I implore the Ugandan government under the leadership of President Museveni to disassociate itself from Charles N Lambert before he shatters our common life. Charles N Lambert a proud African that is not proud of this African name is an international criminal that should be charged in the ICC.

Be woke fellow African.

# Act human rights commission Uganda

# Act president Yoweri K Museveni

# Act International Criminal Court

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