SBI Personal Loan Interest Rates Are Attractive on View

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Even though dreams can’t be measured both quantitatively and qualitatively, it does need the help of finance to become real. While avid travelers dream to hit the luscious beaches down the coast of Barcelona, doting parents want a memorable wedding for their kids. Expectedly, these dreams may need massive bucks to get fulfilled, right? You may not have that.

So, what should you do then? Simple, just apply for a personal loan that has in it to accomplish these dreams. The loan comes handy even when you want instant cash for any emergency which may strike anytime. With loan comes the liability of paying the EMI month-on-month until the expiry of the tenure, which can be a maximum of 5 years in the case of a personal loan.

The EMI repayment will be pocket-friendly only when the interest rates are on the lower side. One of the lenders that provide a personal loan at attractive rates is State Bank of India (SBI), which now boasts of around 25,000 branches across the country. So, without any further delay, let’s focus on SBI Personal Loan Interest Rates.


SBI Personal Loan Interest Rates

SBI offers personal loan at an interest rate of 11.35%-15.10% per annum. That’s a broader statement about the interest rate offers. You must know the segregation of rates according to the type of organization one works in, the type of employees, and credit scores.

Interest Rates for Employees of Rated and Unrated Corporate

Let me tell you upfront that SBI Personal Loan is branded as Xpress Credit, which comes with rates of 11.85%-14.70% to be serviced by the employees of rated corporate. Unrated corporate employees, on the other hand, would have to service the loan at 12.60%-14.95% per annum.

What About the Interest Rates for IT Employees?

Depending on the credit scores, IT employees can grab an interest rate deal of 12.85%-14.85% p.a. Those having a credit score of 750 and above can get an interest rate of 12.85%, while those with a credit score of 550-749 must be ready to pay the EMI at 13.85% rate. Those having scores below 550 would get an interest rate deal of 13.85% per annum.

Xpress Elite Scheme

The scheme applies to those having their salary accounts at SBI. Here also, the rate offers will vary according to the credit score one has. Those with scores of 800 and above must pay the loans at 11.35% p.a. While the scores of 700-779 and 600-699 can help fetch an interest rate deal of 11.85% and 14.85%, respectively.

Other than SBI salary account holders must be ready to pay the debt at 11.60%, 12.10% and 15.10% for scores of 800 and above, 700-779 and 600-699, respectively.

SBI Personal Loan EMI Calculator for 5 Years

After a discussion on the interest rates, it’s time to check the likely equated monthly installments (EMIs) on your loan. You can check that using the EMI calculator which uses the loan amount, the rate of interest and the tenure to calculate the indicative installments. The EMI also include a portion of interest in addition to the principal amount. The calculator is all there online for you to use and compute your repayment summary. So, go online, enter the three variables in the calculator to check the EMI you are supposed to pay each month to the lender. So, if you seek personal loan worth 8 lakhs for 5 years, you would need to pay an EMI of ₹17,735 each month. The EMI over the 5 years will result in a total interest repayment of ₹2,64,099.

So, SBI Personal Loan Interest Rates are detailed in this article. You can take a note of that before applying for a loan. You may fall under some of the categories explained in the article. Based on that, you will get an interest rate offer.

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