Save $$$ with these Google AdWords Management Tips for E-Commerce

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Google AdWords is the most popular platform from which Australian e-commerce businesses run cost-effective PPC campaigns and increase sales. Setting up a campaign is a simple, straightforward process but ongoing management and optimization require dedication and skill.

Here are some tips specially designed to help e-commerce marketers save money and maximize returns with Google AdWords management.

#1 Research for Strategic Campaigns

Making smart choices at the very beginning can help maximize returns down the road. An experienced Google AdWords agency usually starts by researching into a client’s industry, business objectives, customer base and competition. This forms the foundation on which an AdWords PPC campaign stands. A smart agency will also research keywords that are being used in the highest placing ads and use the information to identify the right keywords for creating optimized ads.

#2 Use Appropriate Customization Tools

For effective Google AdWords management, you need to evaluate ad performance and optimize by using a variety of customization tools such as negative keyword lists. For example, an e-commerce store selling girls dresses and not women’s dresses can add the term ‘women’ to negative keyword list. You can also use geo-targeting tools to prevent your ads from showing in areas where you do not have business interests. Such tools increase ad relevance, help target more valuable audience and avoid ad spend wastage.

#3 Take Advantage of Seasonal Demand

Many Australian e-commerce businesses such as online apparel stores witness seasonal demand such as before Christmas. One smart strategy is to create separate seasonal campaigns, provide them with a larger budget, increase ad frequency and prioritize them to get maximum gains. Creating seasonal campaigns will help you get in front of a motivated audience and increase your chances of driving conversions and sales.

#4 Use Ad Extensions and Remarketing Lists

A competent white label AdWords management professional knows that ad extensions are useful tools that allow marketers to display more information and relevant links in front of shoppers. The inclusion of appropriate ad extensions can help your ad stand out, attract qualified audience and improve click-through rate. Clever marketers also use remarketing lists to create remarketing ads that engage with audiences who visited the site but did not convert.

#5 Hone Website and Landing Pages

Optimizing a website and landing pages can help advertisers lower ad cost and gain better ad placement on search engine rankings. Landing pages is one of the factors Google considers while awarding a quality score and having well-defined landing pages is absolutely critical to improve conversions and sales. With Google placing strong emphasis on mobile-friendliness for rankings, it’s time e-commerce businesses optimized their websites and AdWords campaigns for a mobile audience.

#6 Deploy Long-Tail Keywords

As a shopper moves closer to making a purchase, he or she uses highly specific search terms to find exactly what they want to buy. A good e-commerce AdWords campaign should include relevant long tail keywords in order to reach this segment of audience. Although serving a niche audience, long tail keywords can lead to lower cost per click and lower cost per acquisition due to less competition and better value. An expert AdWords agency usually includes appropriate long tail keywords after carefully analyzing the qualities of an ideal customer.

#7 Implement Tracking Codes

The best white label PPC experts implement tracking codes to analyze visitors’ website activities. Whether someone has clicked on a landing page, added a product to a shopping cart or viewed specific pages, tracking codes throw up fascinating information that experts use to understand campaign returns and optimize campaigns.

By using a set of robust analytical tools, e-commerce businesses can effectively monitor and optimize campaigns to maximize their reach and ROI. For more AdWords management solutions, check with a reputed Australian AdWords agency!

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