Sarvann 3rd/4th Day Box Office Collection: Get the Detailed Business Report

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Sarvann Box Office Collection: One of the most anticipated movies of the year is the much talked about Punjabi flick Sarvann starring Amrinder Gill, who returns to the big screen after delivering super hits like Angrej and Love Punjab. Apart from this movie being the debut of Priyanka Chopra as a Producer in Punjabi film industry, the storyline of the movie gained the attention of the viewers after the release of the trailer online. The movie has managed to reach out to the audience for its unique plot that gives us an insight of a self-discovering journey of an NRI who goes back to his roots and comes to a point where he needs to choose the right path out of his unavoidable predicament. Let us have a look at the 3rd and 4th day Sarvann box office collection and find out why this movie is worth all the buzz.

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Sarvann 3rd/4th Day Total Box Office Collection in India

Coming to Sarvann box office collection in the domestic market this movie got a thumbs up from the audience and critics alike who found the storyline quite interesting. Made with a production budget of 4.5 crores, the movie Sarvann had a good opening day collection. The trailer launched on Youtube and gained around 2 million views in few months, which led to the apparent increase in the viewers’ excitement to watch the movie once it hits the theatres. The festive weekend, where Lohri, being one of the most eminent festivals of Punjab made the movie bag a good collection over the weekend. The occupancy rate increased to 80% and thereby the 3rd day box office collection of the movie stood at 62 lakhs and the 4th day box office collection took a stand at 51 lakhs.

Sarvann 3rd/4th Box Office Collection in Overseas

The movie Sarvann gave the credit to the talented Amrinder Gill who could brilliantly enact his transition from an esurient Canadian man to someone who stands up and makes sacrifices for the family, whom he had unknowingly harmed in the past. The audiences in US, UK, Canada, and Pakistan appreciated Amrinder Gill, Simi Chahal, and other supporting actors who have done an excellent job by delivering a superb performance and led to the apparent increase in Sarvann box office collection. The 3rd day box office collection of Sarvann stood at 45 lakhs and on the 4th day, Sarvann total collection stood at 38 lakhs.

Sarvaan Total Worldwide Box Office Collection

Sarvaan total worldwide box office collection including the overseas and domestic market looked impressive considering the fact that the weekend turned out to be extremely beneficial. The 3rd day Sarvann total box office collection stood at 1.7 crores and the 4th day total worldwide box office collection stood at 89 lakhs. Sarvann box office collection makes it obvious that the movie has full potential to have a considerable increase in the total collection in the coming days both in the domestic and overseas market.

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