Samsung Gets Patents For Foldable Smartphone Technology, Project Valley

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Foldable Smartphone Technology

Samsung’s new patent reveals the upcoming technology for a foldable smartphone. You better can call it a flip phone instead of the foldable phone. The rumour has been in the air for a long time. Probably in 2017 last, Samsung will unveil the first in the class foldable smartphone, and according to the fresh leak, it will run on Android operating system.

But how this phone will work?

Samsung’s new design reveals that the flip phone will have two sets of displays that face back to back. The new patent shows two displays in a single phone. The patented images show the concept sketches where it is clear that the specially designed hinge will keep the device upright. It will help to keep the giant phone into the pocket easily. The hinge of the phone is inspired from the hinge of the Microsoft’s Surface Book which is basically a laptop cum tablet.

Foldable Smartphone Technology

Foldable Design- A drawback of Microsoft Surface Book

But there is a drawback of this kind of design. If we see the reviews of the verified buyers of the Surface Book 2, it’s clear that the hinge lets dust go in and the inner sides become very dusty after use of few days.

Samsung & Project Valley

Samsung’s foldable phone research is not new. Back in 2015, the company announced that it started working on the project codenamed “Project Valley” which is nothing but this.

Samsung has gone far with the research of foldable technology. We can get a glimpse of it from the showcased foldable phone which was basically a Galaxy Note Edge with a curved screen at both edges at CES in Las Vegas in 2014.

In the meantime, rumours hit that Xiaomi has tested a new bendable smartphone technology in its lab and it may come up something similar with this. Now tussle starts between these two phone companies on which company will bring this new technology to the market first.

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