Samsung Gear VR With Better Specs All Set to Hit the Market Soon

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Samsung Gear VR

Samsung is in the headlines of the most of the news from the field of technology after the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8. However, we concentrate on the news which states that Samsung is all set to bring out on the market the latest version of the Samsung Gear VR which will have a number of new things incorporated in it.

Samsung Gear VR with the controller is going to be made available on the market from April 22

According to the reports and what happened in yesterday’s event, the world is all set to get the Samsung Gear VR on April 21. The device is going to hit the market with a price tag of $129 and that includes the controller as well. Also, the users can get hold of the controller in case the buyer has already got the headset, and he or she needs to pay $39. But it remains to be seen how it fares when it hits the market. But before that, we take a look at the things which might just work in favor of making the VR headset one of the most popular ones in the market amidst stiff challenge from other developers.

Samsung has revealed that there are a number of things which are refurbished in order to enhance the experience of the users. The primary thing that has been updated is the resolution of the lens which is present inside the device. Along with that, the Gear VR has been equipped with a new distortion correction technology that will prevent the motion sickness.

The best thing about the new release will be the controller. The design of the controller has been modeled by Oculus which has got a clickable touchpad controllable with the thumb. With all these new updates, it will be really absorbing to watch out how things develop once the device becomes available on the market. Also, other leading VR headset devices like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift will surely be in a spot of bother after the smartphone becomes available to the buyers.

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