Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Frontier: Key Features and Prices

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Samsung Gear S3

Samsung Gear S3:Samsung has unveiled the all new Gear S3 and it comes in two models – Classic and Frontier.Samsung Gear S3 Classic is the successor of S2 while the Frontier is a rugged version of the smartwatch. Both watches sport more or less the samefeatures except for minor differences. We’ll be discussing both watches individually.

Samsung Gear S3

Samsung Gear S3 Design:

Ger S3 watches look like any normal watch. And that’s the thing with smartwatches these days, that they look like normal watches, but they’re still entirely different objects. Although you can’t unlock their full functionality unless you tether them to your phone. The Gear S3 has aminimalistic, analogue look with a stainless steel body. Its polished silver look is best suited for formal gathering. While the Gear S3Frontier has amatte black finish, that is perfect for outdoor casual gatherings. Besides its sporty look, Frontierhas a slightly larger, raised bezel. It’s also heavier weighing at 62g, in comparison to Classic that weighs at 57g.

Samsung Gear S3: Straps

When it comes to S3 straps, there are several options available in the market. There arestandard 22m watch straps that you can use once the Samsung straps wear off or you don’t fancy the original straps.

Moreover, thanks to a special partnership with Arik Levy, renowned artist and industrial designer, Samsung will introduce artistic watch faces and strap designs.Arik Levy commented: “It was interesting and fun to collaborate with Samsung on creating unique and evolving watch face concepts and watch bands for the Gear S3. Inspired by my artwork, installations and sculptures, we created features that not only technology-savvy consumers will love but also those who place a high value on art, design, freedom of the mind and aesthetics.”The modern watch faces and bands designed by Arik Levy will be introduced later this year through select channels.

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Samsung Gear S3: Rotating Bezel

The bezel one of the most fun bit of the new smartwatches. Now users can rotate the bezel to answer or reject a phone call. Moreover, Samsung has opened the feature to third-party app developers. The first one to jump in to the bandwagon isNest, who’ll you rotate the bezel to control your Thermostat.

By twisting the bezel right, and you’ll see a number of widgets, which will give you lightning quick access to your favourite app. You can also viewyour step count, control your music, or call an Uber right from your widget. By rotating the bezel left you’ll conjure up a list of all your apps. You simply keep rotating the bezel until you hit the app you’re looking for.

Samsung Gear S3: Sensors

The two watches sport accelerometer, ambient light sensor and heart rate monitor that was available in Gear 2. Additionally, you’ll findaltimeter, barometer and speedometer for trackingaltitude, atmospheric pressure and sudden changes in the weather. Gear S3 also comes with built-in GPS (Glonass)and an SOS mode that alerts your friends and family when you’re in trouble.

Samsung Gear S3: Tizen OS

The latest Samsung smartwatches run Tizen OS like its predecessor. The latest version of the Samsung built OS ispowered by a dual-core 1GHz processor along with 758MB of RAM. Some of the new features that thelatest version of Tizen support is that users can nowwrite or draw on the display to respond to messages or create short reminders.

Samsung Gear S3: Specs

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Samsung Gear S3: Samsung Pay

Samsung claims to provide access to over more than 10,000 apps and includes apps like BMW, Uber and Samsung Pay. The smartwatches haveSamsung Pay’s magnetic secure transmission technology built into them. Using NFC and MST, users can tap their smartwatch against any card reader. With the LTE option, you can make and receive calls without a phone nearby. For folks who are worried about security issues, they’d be glad to know that when S3 is off the wrist, the payment system is automatically locked.

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Other Features

Gear S3 watches comes with an IP68 water and dust resistant certification. The company says they havetested the models with military-level standards ensuring their durabilitylow temperatures, dust, shock, and extreme vibrations. Speaking of connectivity, the Classic model comes with Bluetooth/Wi-Fi while the Frontier sportsBluetooth or standalone LTE.

Samsung Gear S3 Price & Availability:

Samsung hasn’t announced pricing or availability yet. Although the company says that the watches are going to be available through Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile at carrier-determined prices. They’ll go on sale later this year.

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