Samsung Galaxy S8 New Case Render Points at Tetention of the 3.5m Headphone Jack

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Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is perhaps one of the most awaited flagships of 2017 and there have been a huge number of rumours pertaining to what the device may sport once it is rolled out by the South Korean company. It seems like a lot of these will be validated soon as the company is pegged to announce the device at the MWC 2017 in Februarybut prior to that, renders of a new Galaxy S8 case has featured online. This comes as a welcome news for tech enthusiasts as the renders of this latest case hints at quite a few design characteristics of theupcoming device. With cases being one of the primary requisites of a smartphone owner for device protection, the cutouts of a case can quite specifically point at what an upcoming device is slated to sport.

Renders of a new Samsung Galaxy S8 case suggest a single lens camera setup as well as retention of the 3.5mm headphone jack. Image credits: Slashleaks

While the Galaxy S8 has been rumoured to lack a 3.5mm headphone jack following up the development in the iPhone 7 Plus, the new case clearly shows one giving subtle indications that the headphone jack might be there after all. Also present were three control buttons on the left side of the case, presumably handling Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power/Standby.

Also, the camera cutout at the back of the device points to a possible single-lens camera setup for the Galaxy S8 shunning all the rumours stating that Samsung‘s latest flagship would sport a dual-lens camera setup. The bottom part has an opening for a USB Type-C port, placed far right, while the speaker cutout (or what looks like it could be one) is placed on the left – a change from the 2016 Galaxy S models that had their bottom speakers placed on the right.

All these are clear hypothesises based on the information deduced from the new case render and the original device still has a chance to turn out different. Samsung’s tight-lipped policy pertaining to the Galaxy S8 has been concrete and we will only get further information about the device once Samsungs decides to give it to us.

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