Samsung Galaxy S8 Nearly Turns Into a Computer With The DeX Station

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Samsung Galaxy S8

It seems like Samsung is winning the phone-to-desktop computer race over Microsoft. When Samsung introduced the new Galaxy S8 to the world, it also included the new DeX dock as part of the exhibition. An acronym of the Samsung Desktop Experience, this new DeX station will have a lot of features which will turn it into something very similar to the conventional desktop.

The DeX is shown attached to a computer. Image via CNET

The new DeX station has a lot of new features but at its heart, it is a holder of the Galaxy S8. It looks like a candleholder to the average viewer. This specialized dock will support a monitor connection via the well thought-out HDMI port, an external keyboard, a mouse, besides two USB ports. To make things even spicier, the new Samsung dock has a special cooling fan as well. The entire dock is powered by the USB Type-C port.

This is not the first time that the mobile phone has been converted into something resembling the desktop. many years ago, Motorola had tried the same thing with its Atrix. While the Samsung DeX is one of the best desktop enablers to have shipped in recent times, it is certainly not without fault.  Samsung’s desktop mode comes with an app drawer as well. It will support Android apps as well with access to notifications as well as resizable windows. To be honest with you, this interface looks like the Chrome OS in many ways. There is no desktop browser here, however. We saw that Samsung’s own browser, along with Microsoft’s Office apps, besides Adobe’s mobile creative suite worked superbly with the DeX extension. Some other apps not quite so.

This new Galaxy S8 companion will also come with the Galaxy S8+ as well. Priced at $149.99 which translates to just under Rs 10,000, the new accessory will be sold separately. Shipments start after April 21. Microsoft will have to do something radical with its Continuum feature after this.

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