Samsung Galaxy S8 has become a household name for all the tech enthusiasts across the world for all the news and updates that we are getting regarding the estimated features and release date of the smartphone. And with the release date reportedly approaching very fast, we are getting new updates more regularly than ever. The latest one that we have got reveals some more information regarding the upcoming flagship device from Samsung, and it is regarding the color variant of the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to be available in a new color variant

Samsung Galaxy S8 Latest Updates

There are polls going on across the world regarding the things that the fans want to see in the new flagship device which is expected to be unveiled by Samsung on March 29. One of the polls that took place in Brazil hinted at the fact that Samsung might release a new color variant of the Samsung Galaxy S8. It came out in the polls that Amethyst is the new color that the fans have voted for in the poll that took place. Other than the Amethyst color variant, the smartphone will be available on in silver and black variant.

The site which has been running on in Italy has also released a statement which when translated reveals the fact the users can control every operation “with the touch interface using voice commands with Bixby”. Also, recent leaked images have revealed that the smartphone is going to have a dedicated button on the edge to activate Bixby at one go. Also, reports are there Samsung might introduce the new 3D Touch technology in the upcoming flagship device which will be there at the bottom of the screen. The 3D Touch technology will enable the users to activate different functions depending on the pressure applied with the touch. This is something that has been made popular by Apple as almost everyone across the world is aware of the Apple 3D Touch. And if this feature turns out to be true things are definitely going to get much better for Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S8 will be launched at the event titled ‘Galaxy Unpacked’ which is scheduled to be held on March 29 in New York. All eyes, for the time being, are set on that date.

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