A recent news report claims that Samsung has applied for a patent that sports two screens on either side of the built-in cover. The latest patent submission seems to be a developed version of a previous application which was for a smartphone with a slight seam between its two screens. It looks like the company has ditched the idea of having dual screen setup to make one large display. They are now favouring something that looks like a professional notebook aimed at executives, sales pros and students.


The new design is likely to consist of a cover that folds open to screens, and one of these will be a ‘functional unit’ containing input devices, antenna devices, sensors, and charging pads.

If you carefully see the patent image, you’ll note the removal of a traditional hinge design. It’ll allow Samsung to reduce the weight and thickness of the smartphone itself. A pen and ultrasonic input, a projector and biometric, grip, gesture, and UV sensors are present. Some of the other highlights are the submission mentions a ‘processing device (e.g., a GPU) for supporting a mobile TV’.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Handset Likely to Come With Dual Display
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As far as we know, Samsung had submitted the patent application in November 2015 in the US. It isn’t necessary that the patent design has been utilised. Samsung also has not sent out feelers that hint of a dual display. And it remains to be seen if the design made it to production. Whether the dual screen setup will make it onto the Galaxy S8 also remains uncertain, but there’s a high possibility that it might.

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