Salman Khan Skipped Appearing Before National Commission for Women

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Salman Khan

Salman Khan’s ‘Raped woman comment’ has taken another twisted turn after the star apparently refused to visit the NCW summons. The Bollywood actor skipped appearing before National Commission for Women” to explain his rape remark on per the news the commission, it received a legal response from Salman’s team and is examining it. Lalitha Kumaramangalam, the NCW chairperson, refused to talk about the matter but according to the sources, they have received a response from his legal team, which is currently being examined by the Commission.

When Salman’s ‘rape comment’ stunt the whole country National Commission for Women took it seriously and written to the actor to issue a public apology. But the Dabangg star paid no attention to it. His reply was “unapologetic and unsatisfactory” according to them, and thus finally he is summoned saying

“Commission finds that you are not willing to apologise for the remarks made by you. The explanation offered by you, after making such an irresponsible and callous statement… doesn’t amount to an apology.”

The whole controversy regarding Mr Khan’s courted statement started when he said the shooting sequence for his movie “Sultan” left him feeling like a raped woman. His questionable comment at the time of the promotion made the headlines, as it is very insensitive to say when the country is suffering from the issue and ‘rape culture’ is something that is spreading here rapidly. The most striking part of the whole controversy is Salman himself is not finding any problem or wrong with the statement and also has the audacity to ignore even the second summon from the Maharashtra State Commission on Thursday. The State Commission has now asked the actor to appear before it on July 14. Now when this controversy is going to end only time can tell!

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