Salman Khan Condemns Racing Motorcycles On Highways

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Salman Khan Condemns Racing Motorcycles

At the launch event of two battery-powered cycles on World Environment Day, Salman Khan spoke out against the racing of motorcycles on city roads by youngsters.

He said that the cycles are okay to ride for everyone but motorcycles are dangerous both to the people riding the motorcycles as well as the people around them.

“We shoot at Film City and so we see a lot of people racing on that highway very recklessly”, the actor said. Salman Khan and his brother, Sohail Khan, both rode bicycles to the launch event of the cycles from their Bandra residence to Mehboob Studio.

The actor has always been excited to ride bicycles on screen. He was seen riding bicycles on the big screen in movies like ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’ and ‘Kick’. The trailer of the upcoming film ‘Tubelight’ also features Salman Khan riding a bicycle.

At the launch event, he told everyone about a friend he lost in a race at the reclamation center in Bandra. He condemned the racing and betting of motorcycles on the main roads and asks youngsters to race on the race tracks and keep the main roads safe for everyone.

Salman Khan said, “My father used to teach me how to ride cycle. He was not doing that well as a writer but still, he bought a cycle for Rs. 3000 when his monthly salary was only about Rs 750-1000.”

In his upcoming film, with his brother Sohail Khan, ‘Tubelight’, the star is seen riding a bicycle with great enthusiasm and was also seen riding a bicycle along with Shah Rukh Khan last year in an effort to help reduce pollution.

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