Salman Khan can dance professionally: Remo D’Souza

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Salman Khan

Salman Khan, 51, has always been known for his eccentric dancing. He always introduced his own steps to pre-choreographed dance routines. He attributes his steps to the dance steps of common people around him. In an interview not long ago, Salman Khan said that he might have made a mistake signing a dance film with Remo D’Souza at his age, owing to the fact that learning professional dancing steps at his age might be difficult. While his statement invoked a round of laughter, his statement is not far from serious.

An interview with Remo D’Souza revealed that the superstar has been preparing his dance moves for the past two months working with D’Souza’s assistant. D’Souza quotes Salman Khan from the movie ‘Wanted’ saying, “Ek baar jo maine commitment kar di fir main apni bhi nhi sunta.” He ensures that both he and Salman Khan are dedicated to making the dream of Salman Khan dancing professionally, a reality and that the audience would appreciate the hard work.

There is a perception formed around the fact that when it comes to dancing, Salman Khan prefers comfort and spontaneity and does the steps, choreographed by professionals, in a way that suits him. This makes it difficult for the choreographer, and Salman is perceived as a limited dancer. Remo, having worked with Salman Khan previously, wishes to break this perception. He goes on to say that Salman Khan knows that the film involves dancing at a professional level and he has been serious and practicing for the role.

Remo also reveals that Salman is currently dedicated to losing some weight and is learning various new steps. He ensures that the film will reveal a side of Salman that has never been viewed by the audience before. He also reveals that while it is the first time he is directing with the actor, he does not feel any tension or pressure owing to the fact that he has been choreographing songs with Salman previously which in a way is directing the actor what to do.

The film being talked about here is an upcoming film, produced by Salman Khan Films, about a relationship between a father and his daughter.

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