Saithan (Tamil) Bhetaludu (Telugu) 4th Day Total Worldwide Box Office Collection

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Saithan Box Office Collection

Saithan (Tamil) Bhetaludu (Telugu) Box Office Collection: Pradeep Krishnamoorthy comes up with yet another suspense thriller that managed to attract the audience and a good revenue in terms of box office collection alike. With the commanding presence of the renowned Tamil actor Vijay Antony, the movie Saithan Tamil met up to the expectation of the audience from the minute the film started. Made with a production budget of 10 crores this Tamil flick earned the benefit of being dubbed in Telugu Bhetaludu. The movie received a thumbs up for its innate interesting storyline that had the perfect recipe for making the audience reach the edge of their seats with excitement. Released on 1st of December both the movies did fairly well in terms of the box office collection in the domestic and overseas market alike. Let us have a look at the 4th Day Total Worldwide Box Office Collection of Saithan (Tamil) Bhetaludu (Telugu) and find out how the movie managed to reign the box office collection ahead of the other same day releases.

Bhetaludu (Telugu) Saithan (Tamil) 4th day Box Office Collection in India

With the release of the movie the multiplex saw the stunning occupancy rate that was around 80% and the box office collection was evident of the fact that the audience loved this psychological thriller. However, there was a drop in the rate with the fact that the 4th day was a weekday, hence the occupancy rate reduced to 30%. The Tamil version of the film Saithan performed better in terms of the box office collection then the Telugu version and therefore the 4th day Box Office Collection in India of Saithan is around 77 lakhs. With this, the 4th-day box office collection of Bhetaludu is around 72 lakhs.

Bhetaludu (Telugu) Saithan (Tamil) 4th day Box Office Collection Overseas

Bhetaludu (Telugu) and Saithan (Tamil) released in the United States in around 50 theatres in each state. The first-day occupancy in the theatres for Bhetaludu was around 65%, while the Tamil version Saithan had an occupancy rate of 54%. This was due to the fact that Vijay Antony had a huge fan base overseas. However, with the beginning weekday the occupancy rate reduced to a certain level, which is 55% for Bhetaludu and 50% for Saithan. It is a fact that the story line and Vijay Antony’s dual role was loved by the audience abroad, and the Telugu version bagged a better collection of revenue than the Tamil version. The 4th day Box Office Collection Overseas of Bhetaludu turned out to  be 30 lakhs and the Tamil version Saithan bagged a collection of 22 lakhs.

Bhetaludu (Telugu) Saithan (Tamil) 4th day Total Worldwide Box Office Collection

With the popularity of the trailer that made the viewers raise an eyebrow for this one of a kind psychological thriller, the movie Bhetaludu 4th-day total worldwide collection 1.2 crores, and the 4th-day total worldwide box office collection of Saithan was around 99 lakhs.

The movie has a potential to have a considerable increase in the box office collection as the days go by.

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