Saint Ravi Shankar Says Malala Did Not Deserve the Nobel

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Saint Ravi Shankar

While the whole world is raising its voice for the child rights and also women empowerment in all the spheres of life, somebody seems to be annoyed with the developments that are being made and also towards the worries of UNESCO on the same. The world saw the fights of Malala Yousafazai right from her childhood. Starting from freedom to education of women, children, peace, women empowerment to every single issue that needs to be developed in the third world countries, Malala’s contribution as both a victim and fighter is remarkable. So quite naturally the world cheered on Malala’s win of the Nobel Prize for peace. However, the Godmen of India always seem to be against the development of women. The famous Saint Ravi Shankar claims, that he had refused a Nobel Prize and that Malala actually never deserved a Nobel and there is no reason for people to cheer for her victory.

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Though it sounds shocking, yet the person who is the founder of the Art of Living Foundation and also the author of some bestselling books on spirituality commented such intolerable things on the Nobel winning Malala. Recently another big controversy got entangled with his name when he sanctioned a tent city project at Delhi along the fragile banks of the Yamuna. The President of India cancelled his plans and he was also charged a fine of amount $750,000by the country’s National Green Tribunal.

The list of controversies encompassing his name does not end here. While Gurus like him are known to the world for their strive to teach the people the path to find the inner peace and stress free mind, Ravi Shankar openly commented that war should be declared against the Islamic States. Now it is quite natural that none of the Islamic States would be accepting such comments. So in return of this statement, some Islamic militants from Raqqa, which is the facto capital of the Islamic militant groups, sent him a picture of a beheaded man, which showed that his statements were unwelcome in the state.


So now, that he has made such statement, questions like “has he stated this because Malala belongs to Pakistan?” have been triggered. Critics are saying that it is true that his name was bneing considered for the Nobel Prize, but there is no clue if he Ravi Shankar has ever been offered the same formerly. So, refusing such an honor is beyond anybody’s belief.

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If the statement made by Ravi Shankar is not even taken as something which is something that could trigger a war, it is atleast something that disrespects the pride of a woman. While the world is raising its voice for the women of the third world countries, this kind of a statement against a survivor and fighter is only disrespectful but also demotivating. However, this is not new as far as the Indian Godmen are concerned. Before this, Asaram Bapu had commented that Nirbhaya should have addressed the rapists as her brother to save herself. This triggered anger among the Indians. Later, the same person was arrested for allegedly raping a girl at his Ashram.

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