Sabarmati Express Blast Masterminds Held After 14 Years

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Sabarmati Express

The blast of the Sabarmati Express that occurred in the year 2002 had taken away around 1200 people. The mastermind of the blast was till date under cover and was out of the intelligence bureau’s reach. After fourteen long years of the blast, the wait of the victims’ family has finally come to an end. The families can now expect minimum justice from the government of India.

The mastermind of the blast named Farooq Bhana has finally been caught. He was on the run for fourteen years. The terrorist was captured by the Gujarat Anti-Terrorist Squad. The blast had taken away the lives of 59 Hindu activists who were returning from Ayodhya. The blast occurred when the train was travelling from Mumbai to Godhra. The mastermind Farooq Bhana worked as a property dealer at Mumbai after he disappeared from Godhra. Apart from this, he had also remained a municipal councillor in his local area.

The train’s bogey in which the activists had boarded was set on fire. This, in turn, triggered a communal riot in the state of Gujarat. This took away many lives ruthlessly. The deaths were all very unfortunate.

Starting right from the kids to women nobody was spared and killed with utter hatred. Fire and tensions were all around. The Muslim community of the whole country was under huge threat. The effects of the riot spread like forest fire very swiftly.

The man Bhana would be handed over to the Special Investigation Team that has been appointed by the Supreme Court of India. “Based on a tip-off, we nabbed Bhana at a toll plaza near Kalol town of Panchmahal district when he was going to Godhra from Mumbai,” the ATS official added.

Bhana was the first accused to be the mastermind of the conspiracy behind setting the coach of S6 on fire. Another conspirator was Bilal Haji who had assisted Bhana on this. Another of the masterminds was Maulana Umerji. He was the main one to instruct the rest of the conspirators for the total act.

A special court in March 2011 had pronounced capital punishment for the 11 people convicted in the Godhra train burning case. 20 others were given life incarceration. The Intelligence Bureau said that Farooq Bhana, who has been caught as the main mastermind, is very much dangerous and probably that is why it took the bureau so long to find him out.

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