Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is gonna be accompanied by a new intelligent smart pen which has been dubbed as “S PEN”. There are already a lot of curiosities and queries about this new S PEN of Samsung. Rumors are also rounding up as numerous leaks have taken the world upside down.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7

Let’s know something about this Pen- some inside stories. We have cracked down some inside updates about this new S Pen.

It’s an all purpose special pen. You can cut, crop, draw and make collage of images using this stylish pen.

Feature of Samsung Galaxy S Pen

Let’s have a look on the technical key points of Samsung S pen. Here those go-

Fully waterproof: It’s waterproof. That means sudden fluid splash does not make anything wrong with it.

Underwater actions:  using this amazing pen you can draw, edit, crop images and even can type also! Touch does not work while submersed for Note 7.

Ball Point precision: It’s made for precise works. Even when it’s submersed into fluid, S pen works like a charm, with almost zero error.

Magnify: Using Samsung S Pen you can easily zoom an image. Simply by hovering the pen over any image, anyone can magnify the picture. It can zoom up to 300%.

Translate: S pen can also translate!! Yes, Just hover the pen over any word and an option for “translate the word” will be appeared!

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