Running Shaadi 5th Day Total Box Office Collection: Earnings to Fall Today As Well?

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Running Shaadi box office collection

Running Shaadi Box Office Collection: With an urge of portraying what happens when few young individuals create a website which helps couples to elope and get married, Amit Roy came up with his endeavor Running Shaadi. But unfortunately, the movie has neither been well received nor has been making a good business. Running Shaadi box office collection accumulated Rs. 1 Crore on its first day of release and since then the earnings has been falling to a larger extent. Therefore, Running Shaadi 5th day total box office collection is also predicted not to be that great.

Running Shaadi Collection in India on Day 5

Taapsee Pannu is the only thing in the entire movie which had attracted the moviegoers, apart from that the viewers could not find anything interesting, it has also been stated that the second half of the movie was extremely slow. However, the multiplexes are definitely going to witness a not so impressive amount of crowd today due to which Running Shaadi box office collection is predicted to mint nearly Rs. 0.59 Crores in India.

Running Shaadi 5th Day Overseas Collection

Running Shaadi box office collection on its 5th day of release may have all the possibilities of acquiring Rs. 0.12 Crores approximately. The movie could have made a huge amount of profit through its earnings if the plot line could have been executed well by the filmmakers which might have done wonders for the international viewers as well.

Running Shaadi Total Collection on Day 5

The earnings of Running Shaadi worldwide collection on Day 5 is anticipated to settle down to a figure of almost Rs. 0.71 Crores. The movie might not have received a double thumbs up from the viewers but Taapsee Pannu was surely a breath of fresh air in the film due to which some of the moviegoers still might want to see her acting skills in Running Shaadi.

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