Running Shaadi 4th Day Total Box Office Collection: Counter Movies are Surpassing its Earnings

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Running Shaadi

Running Shaadi Box Office Collection:After witnessing Taapsee Pannu playing a serious character in Pink, the moviegoers were excited to see her chirpy side in Running Shaadi. And the pairing of the actress with Amit Sadh who was seen in Sultan and Akira escalated the curiosity level of the audiences even more. But the plot line of Running Shaadi directed by Amit Roy failed to leave most of the viewers in awe. Due to which Running Shaadi box office collection ended up adding less than a Crore on its first Sunday in India. Even today the earnings are expected to fall as its counter movies have been making more money, therefore, Running Shaadi 4th day total box office collection is expected not to be super strong.

Running Shaadi Collection in India on Day 4

It is quite obvious that most of the crowd headed towards the multiplexes in order to watch Running Shaadi just because of the appearance of Taapsee Pannu. The rom-comfilm garnered almost Rs. 1 Crore on its opening day which has hardly benefitted the Running Shaadi total collection, and today the movie is expected to fetch an estimated amount of almost Rs. 0.82 Crores.

Running Shaadi 4th Day Overseas Box Office Collection

The romantic-comedy movie directed by Amit Roy has not been that well received by the international audiences as well. Due to which Running Shaadi box office collection on its fourth day of release in abroad is anticipated to amass nearly Rs. 0.19 Crores which is not that impressive.

Running Shaadi Worldwide Collection on Day 4

Taapsee Pannu got two releases this month which is surely overwhelming for the actress but The Ghazi Attack is being watched by more number of viewers if compared to Running Shaadi. Nevertheless, if anticipated, Running Shaadi worldwide collection on its 4th day of release might mint an amount of Rs. 1.01 Crores.

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