Rita Season 4: Release Date Speculations, Updates

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Rita Season 4

Rita, the Danish dramedy series that revolves around the rebellious schoolteacher Rita Madsen, may be put up for a fourth season soon. Season 3 of Rita, which can be watched internationally on Netflix, had concluded in May 2015, and the show boasts of having some of the highest viewership statistics among all its peers. Rita Season 4, therefore, seems to be quite a possibility, and the show makers, especially Christian Torpe, definitely do not seem reluctant to go ahead with a fresh season.

Rita Madsen is portrayed on the show by Mille Dinesen, who has done a stunning job of playing the impetuous, impulsive character to the hilt. Rita’s own nature helps her relate to and therefore understand her students when they get reckless, and she isn’t afraid to communicate with them in a no-frills manner. Dinesen’s powerful acting has been widely praised by many critics, and the show itself has received acclaim because of its relatable characters that seem true to life. The popularity of the show has even sparked a spinoff mini-series based on Rita, which is titled Hjørdis. While Lise Baastrup and Ellen Hillingsø appear on the mini-series as the characters they play on Rita, Dinesen does not make an appearance.

Rita Seasons 1 to 3, Overview: Rita is an outspoken woman in her forties who is an able teacher, completely competent at managing her students inside her classroom. But outside of it, she is a total mess. Her personal life gets mired down in a series of unfortunate entanglements, but she cannot extricate herself out of those easily. This even affects her relationship with her children at times. As the show’s writer, Christian Torpe describes her: “There’s a lot of anger in her. Anger is a drug, it prevents you from feeling anything else, which can be handy if you carry a lot of pain, like Rita does. She’s deeply flawed, especially as a parent, but she does the best she can, and that’s really all you can ask of a human being.”

By the end of Season 3, Rita has come a long way in her personal and professional lives. She is even asked by Helle, the school counsellor, to take up the position of the school principal temporarily.

On the show, Rita Madsen has been portrayed as a woman whose million-mistakes keep making her a stronger person. This is something that has been appreciated by viewers who feel this makes the character appear truthful. For her portrayal of Rita, Mille Dinesen was nominated for and received an award in the category of Best Female Lead at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival; the show has also received several other nominations.

Rita Season 4 Release Date:

It will be difficult to say when the next season will air, as the makers have not announced any plans for renewing Rita for a fresh season. However, the ending to Rita, Season 3 seemed to offer further possibilities for expansion in the story. Whereas the final episodes of Seasons 1 and 2 both felt somewhat like a solid ending, that of Season 3 ended with a bit of a cliffhanger. The show’s writer, Christian Torpe, has himself agreed with this notion, and in an interview in June 2015 with Old Ain’t Dead, he did not express disinterest in the possibility of a Season 4, as there still remains room for furthering the story. He added that he would be willing to comply if Netflix wanted more.

The previous seasons of the show had appeared in 2012, 2013 and 2015. We haven’t heard anything about Season 4 till the fair part of 2016. If Netflix is indeed interested in renewing the show for a fresh season, we should hear something by the end of 2016, or early 2017.

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