RGV is Back in His Old Charm in The Killing of Veerappan Trailer

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Veerappan Trailer

Ram Gopal Varma is back in his old charm with his ambitious project The Killing of Veerappan movie that has been already released in the Tamil language. RGV has directed this film too. The movie became such a huge hit that the maker Ram Gopal decided to make it in Hindi too. But instead of making it a dubbing version he made a full-fledged Bollywood movie.

Ram Gopal Varma is famous for his serious and suspense movies that deals with a darker side of life and thus underworld activity, murder mystery, horror and suspense thriller get a new dimension. The Killing of Veerappan is another example of that. The movie is based on the life, activity and death of one of the most notorious dacoits of India, Veerappan.

The trailer of the flick is out, and it is spine chilling. The undercover cop Shiva Rajkumar plays is the head of intelligence team in the Operation Cocoon. The movie is based on the real-life story of ‘Killing Veerappan’ where the government and Indian Border security paramilitary forces create a small army to kill the bandit that rules Sathyamangalam Forest in the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Watch the Trailer Here

The best part of the trailer is there is no dialogue is shown, and only facts have been stated, and the expressions of the actors especially the lead character Veerappan’ Sandeep Bharadwaj is extraordinary. His looks and body language are enough to give you chills. His brutality is well depicted even in this small trailer. But we have to agree the fact that some scenes are gory and not apt for kids.

But one must admit that the high-quality direction is evident even from the trailer. After a long bad phase of his career, RGV is determined to change the wheel. The Sandalwood smuggler and murderer was killed in 2004, and it took almost 12 years for Bollywood to make a film out of it. An excellent story or rather says real event and a good direction with breathtaking acting – what else one can expect?

So wait a few more days to relive the reign of terror!

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