Revv, Self Driven Car Rental Services

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Revv is a self driven car rental services delivered in your doorstep. A start up company which aims on minimal rental charges with no extra costs per kilometers and no surging prices. It also focuses on those customers who tend to travel inter city or intra city by booking vehicles for commuting.

The company was formed in May 2015 by Anupam Agarwal and Karan Jain with its headquarters in Delhi. The self driven car rental services has been started in Delhi only and yet to be scattered in rest of the country. The best part of the service is that the rented car is delivered at your doorstep and received from the same place after the completion of your journey. Total kilometers roamed around is accessed digitally in the car only.

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All the vehicles (basically cars) run on various technology. Apart from having common vehicle location tracking system, it has other features like keyless entry exit which can be operated remotely. Also it shares features such as Driver Behaviour Monitoring and On – Board Diagnostics. It helps in stating on road vehicle performance which is completely based on user experience as well as vehicle safety.


According to Owners of Revv, The company focuses on delivering cars at your doorstep. Simple way to experience pleasure and adventure together. The sole idea of the aggregation attracted funding in its initial stage or Round A. Ananth Narayan, CEO of Myntra, CEO of DEN online, etc. helped the compnay to emerge succesfully. Also more than 10 Directors and Partners from Mc Kinsey helped in raising funds.

Anupam Agarwal and Karan Jain, owners of Revv worked previously for Mc Kinsey for a decade, believes in their start up as it absolutely innovative and right now successful in cities like Delhi, NCR, Hyderabad, Bangalore. They are thinking of scattering the business in rest of the country within the end of 2016.

Revv, the self driven rented cars comprises of 150 vehicles. These are distributed as 60% are SUVs, 10% ultra luxury cars, 30% Sedans and 30% Hatchbacks. Travelling experience getting a niche higher; well not at all a bad idea.

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