Restaurant Technology Trends Every Restaurant Owner Needs to Know About

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In 2019, many convenient Technology trends for restaurant businesses will make an impact, and each product will give workers advantages during business hours. If you run a fast food or upscale restaurant, you may want to incorporate these technologies into your business scheme.

Bluetooth Sensors

Bluetooth Technology has transformed food safety routines in restaurants. Thanks to its wireless capabilities, chefs can sync Bluetooth sensors with different devices in order to effectively monitor temperatures in fridges and freezers. The big benefit is that Bluetooth temperature monitoring devices for refrigerators have a programming tool that lets a user set temperature limits for certain products in storage. For example, if a chef needs to keep a cut of meat extremely cold without freezing it, he or she can program the sensor so that it will provide an alert whenever there are temperature inconsistencies in a commercial fridge.

Restaurant Technology Trends

Digital Inventory Tools

Many decades ago, all restaurant owners tracked inventory by taking notes on sheets of paper. Today, digital inventory tools are available, and they dramatically simplify the process of tracking and monitoring inventory levels. The latest software runs on smartphones and tablets, which is beneficial because Mobile gadgets give busy managers opportunities to view inventory more accurately on the go. If needed, a tactical manager can set up a digital inventory tool so that it will strategically track all high ticket items.

Automatic Solutions

Automated solutions that work with purchasing tools make important ordering routes easier for a restaurant manager. After the software is synced with an inventory management tool, it will alert a manager whenever inventory is low. At this point, the software will implement procedures to order more supplies. However, a manager does have some control during this process since the software will provide recommendations. These recommendations will be based on a number of things, such as possible sale quantities or lead times.

 Latest Restaurant Technology Trends

Digital Tables

One of the biggest problems that impact customer satisfaction is very long wait times. Digital table software speeds up wait times in a variety of ways. For example, when potential customers want to get a table, they can make reservations quickly using a digital table app. As these individuals use the app, they’ll get suggestions that can help them pick the best seats according to the party size. Then, after they’re done providing their information, a manager can step in to enhance the experience. Thanks to the convenient communication tools, people who make reservations can get information about estimated wait times from a manager via text.

Point of Sale Systems

A restaurant POS system is a key component that will continue to evolve as new technology debuts. The latest point of sale systems is loaded with great options for casual or fine-dining restaurants. Besides inventory management, a restaurant POS system has:

  • Reporting tools: Reporting tools compile a lot of data in order to create tables and charts. The layout of a report will vary based on a software suite’s capabilities.
  • Order management solutions: Order management solutions help employees process orders quickly and efficiently. A typical management tool will have many options that can be customized.

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