Reptile parties educate kids about wildlife

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Looking for options for your child’s next birthday party: Why not do something a little bit out of the box. Kids are usually pretty excited to come birthday time, however if they know there’s going to reptiles coming this goes to a whole new level.. Parties are typically a stressful time for the parents, I mean, who really wants 20 terrors tearing around their home, jumping on the furniture and climbing on the railings. So why not add some cute, scaly and crawly critters to the invite list and make it a party no one will forget.

Reptile parties educate kids about wildlife

Most parties involve a trip to the local play center or party venue. These can be a fantastic option as they get the kids out of your lounge room, but are they that memorable?

Reptile parties are a unique idea for kids birthdays. Not only will the children experience something different but they are guaranteed to be entertained. Imagine getting to hold a crocodile or snake on your birthday and get up close to a range of native fauna. Parents can sit back while a trained wildlife professional keeps their kids engaged, and entertained for an entire hour.


But on top of this, there is another added benefit of these types of birthday. The children actually learn about our Australian native wildlife. A reptile party provides the following:

  • Learn about the state of our environment
  • Learn about endangered species and conservation initiatives
  • Find out interesting facts about our amazing animals
  • Reconnect with nature

Studies suggest that kids who spend time with nature have:

  • Increased creativity and problem-solving skills
  • A boost in mental health
  • Lower stress levels
  • Reduced blood pressure

So you can immediately see why a reptile party is better than a lot of the more traditional party options. Your child will come away feeling inspired and keen to learn more about our natural world.

Josh from Reptile Encounters has been providing these parties for over 11 years. “It’s great to see the kids really engaging with our wonderful animals because they are the wildlife ambassadors of the future”.

Reptile Encounters has recently built an exciting party space perfect for hosting kids birthday parties. So for parents who are hesitant to have those kids running around the house, we now have the perfect alternative.


If you still need convincing that a reptile party is a way to go for your kids, you can call our hotline 1300 4 CROCS. Your children will never forget the time they got to meet Connie the Barking Owl, Charlie the Saltwater crocodile, Victor the carpet python, Pano the Yellow Spotted monitor and a range of other reptiles.

The company also has a range of other native animals such as barn owls, pademelons, porcupine fish, octopus, and a whole lot more. By the time you’ve seen just a few of the crew, you will have a whole new appreciation for our amazing biodiversity.

With a generation fast becoming disconnect from nature and caught up in the technology boom, think about all the benefits a reptile or wildlife party can bring for your son or daughter.

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