Religion should Empower Not Hinder: Ayush Kejriwal

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Ayush Kejriwal

UK-based designer Ayush Kejriwal found himself in a spot when a user accused him of polluting ‘Hindu Culture’ when the designer uploaded a picture of a model wearing a saari and a hijab. The user ‘jeevi.sunthar’ called the hijab a suppressive Islamic element and referred to the saari as a Hindu value representative.

HIJABS ARE VERY STYLISH! #hijabandasaree This is a sneak peek from my latest shoot. Many of my clients proudly wear a Hijab and always ask me questions about styling it with #sarees. So I thought why don’t I style a look with a hijab and showcase how I would go about styling a #hijabandasaree together. Now please note : I have never worked with a hijab before so technically this may not be perfect but that’s not the point. The idea was to style a look with a hijab and this is my take on it. Please don’t get all upset and start leaving horrible messages here I am not trying to disrespect or undervalue any faith , this is just my take on styling #hijabandasaree for my clients. Hope you all like the sneak peek ? For purchases email me at or what’s app me on 00447840384707 ?? We ship WORLDWIDE. #sarees,#saris,#indianclothes, #ethnicwear, #fashion, #ayushkejriwal,#Bollywood, #vogue, #britishasiandesigners ,#handmade, #britishasianfashion, #desibride, #bollywoodfashion, #style ,#indianbeauty, #classy, #jewellery, #indiancouture, #londonshopping, #bridal, #coolhijab , #statementpieces, #weddingideas,#hijabchic ,#stylishhijab ,#embroidered ,#handwork

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RELIGION SHOULD EMPOWER NOT HINDER #hijabandasaree Discrimination, Bullying, Religious hatred, Abusive and Offensive comments will not be tolerated here. I respect all faith and religions and everyone has the right to dress in any which way they feel comfortable in. No one has the right to dictate or comment on how one chooses to dress! I would request you all to be mindful of what you say here as I will not tolerate any nonsense . None what so ever. Let’s spread love not hatred. Build bridges not walls ! Live and let live ❤ #sarees,#saris,#indianclothes, #ethnicwear, #fashion, #ayushkejriwal,#Bollywood, #vogue, #britishasiandesigners ,#handmade, #londonshopping, #bridal, #coolhijab , #statementpieces, #weddingideas,#hijabchic ,#stylishhijab ,#embroidered ,#handwork

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Ayush Kejriwal retorted curtly to the user that he shouldn’t dare claim ownership of any faith or religion and his discrimination would lead to being blocked from the page. Ayush also said that he respected and valued all religions and faith and the user could take his sick mindset elsewhere. His move was well appreciated by other users. They also thanked him for bridging the gap between the two religions even if it is through a dress.

Ayush also told reporters that he had had some comments on his posts in the past on other subjects and he ignored all such things. He says that as an artist, criticism doesn’t bother him but he will fight against prejudice as he clearly did in this incident. He believes that an artist goes on a path doing what he thinks is right and makes his own rules without adhering to the conventional mindset.

Ayush Kejriwal believes that fashion is a voice for a much greater cause and even though his page is centered more towards clothing, he would try his best to bring about a change in the world. He believes that clothing and styling has a much greater voice and is the underdog in today’s scenario of world change.

When asked what would he do if the incident repeated itself, Ayush replies that he would challenge it once and hope that awareness arises among the users but if that does not happen, he would be left with no choice but to block the people who commit such an act.

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