Reliance Jio to Extend Its Offer at Minimal Price After 31st March

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The game changer in the field of networking, Reliance Telecommunication’s Jio may come up with its extended offer prior the last date as the enterprise ensures billion of consumers to get the ongoing Reliance Jio promo offer at minimal price rates after March 31st, 2017. Although, the said promo offer will continue only till June 30th, 2017, hence starting from April 1st. It prime offer of free calling, free messaging, unlimited downloading, sharing, texting, etc may not be ‘free’ but quite cheap as compared to other company networks.

The announcement was made early this Morning on January 19, by Group Chairman and aggregator Mukesh Ambani, where he stated that Reliance Jio welcome offer for the users for 90 days more. But as we reported earlier that other networking companies has been complaining about the unfair competition subsequently lodging a report against Reliance Telecommunication. Keeping all the regulatory norms intact from TRAI, Ambani urged users to not to discontinue Jio as it could be available at very cheap rates thus making an almost negligible difference in a common Man’s pocket.

Furthermore, Mr Ambani stated that a proper team had been set who are working on the base rates regarding Reliance Jio offers where all the uses will be made as per the usage of billion of consumers but only till June. Afterwards, the announcements will be made completely based on the number of consumers, firm’s profit and network availability under the norms of TRAI.

As per the present data handed over to Reliance Telecommunications, currently, there are 8.50 crores users which will most probably reach 10 crores by end of this fiscal year along with setting a record for having the most number of consumers attached to the network thus using Reliance Jio at the fastest rate.

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