Reign Season 4: Fans to Witness a New Character, Queen Mary Returns to Scotland

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Reign Season 4:The third installment of The CW’s historical fantasy drama series ended with a lot of unanswered questions which the fans are willing to witness in Reign Season 4. And the latest spoilers and news related to the upcoming season of Reign have already started creating a buzz among the viewers. Reign Season 4 will be introducing a new character who will be quite a charming and confident person. As per a report by Entertainment Weekly, Will Kemp will be depicting the character of Lord Darnley and he has an urge of becoming the second husband of Queen Mary.


Update: New reports state that Reign Season 4 will be even richer in political intrigues. Mary is still a widow and in Season 3, she was already being threatened by Elizabeth of England. But in Reign Season 4, she will take Darnley as her husband. Darnley, however, has intentions that are far from being pure as he would do anything to gain power. Darnley also has connections with England, and one report states that he will be in conspiracy with Queen Elizabeth to assassinate Mary in order to gain complete control of Scotland.

However, Mary will be rescued in time by one character, rumoured to be either Bothwell or even Bash, who had left her with the promise that he would come back whenever Mary is most in need. These are just rumours, but the Bothwell theory may indeed hold true, as historically he was accused of killing someone close to Mary. He was also Mary’s third husband, so in Reign Season 4 he may be the one to kill Darnley so that he can wed the Queen of Scots.

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It seems that Reign Season 4 has a lot in store for the viewers, as Yibada reported that Queen Mary will be still witnessed as a widow due to the marriage proposals which did not take a shape after her husband King Francis’s demise. However, she will be returning to Scotland to fight for its rights. But nothing will break her due to the hardships, as she will remain strong like a rock.

Nevertheless, the curiosity buds of the fans were tickled right after all the revelation was made and now they are anxiously waiting to get more insight into the happenings of Reign Season 4.

Speculations associated with the show also state that Reign Season 4 might be the final season. However, it might leave innumerable fans with a dispirited heart if at all the news is officially confirmed. The fourth installment of thehistorical fantasy drama series which will hit the television screens in 2017 is expected to escalate the intensity level of the plot line by keeping the viewers hooked on to it like never before. And the introduction ofLord Darnley will surely add wonders to Reign Season 4.

Nevertheless, an official release date for Reign Season 4 has not yet been declared so let’s just wait for it to get more insight into the happenings of the upcoming season.

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