Regina reminded me of Ramya Krishna: Krishna Vamsi

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Krishna Vamsi

Says director Krishna Vamsi while talking about the cast and storyline of his upcoming film, Nakshatram.

Director Krishna Vamsi is all praise for Regina and Pragya Jaiswal, the two female leads of his upcoming film, Nakshatram. “When I was searching for someone to play the role of a middle-class girl, I saw a few promos of Regina on TV and saw the spark in her. She looks like how Ramya was in the early days of her career,” says Krishna Vamsi, drawing comparisons between the actress and his wife, Ramya Krishna.

Talking about Pragya, Krishna Vamsi says, “I saw Kanche in which Pragya played a traditional woman. I was initially not interested to cast her, but meeting her left an impact on me. She has really worked hard in the film and performed many amazing action scenes.”

The filmmaker confesses that he thought of the story first and then looked for the artistes to suit the roles. “I saw Sundeep in a promotional video and then watched his Venkatadri Express. I literally tortured him for this film. You can see a new Sundeep in my film,” says the director, proudly. On Sai Dharam Tej’s cameo in the social- thriller, he admits, “We initially wanted him for a 20-minute role, but we changed it to 40 minutes later.”

The story of Nakshatram revolves around religion and caste. “At present, there are many incidents around the world in which one particular religion is standing out. How people are reacting to it and exploiting it is shown in the film. There are also many other current scenarios in the film and how the human race is getting affected because of these problems,” reveals the director.

The task master’s films have always been thought-provoking and the director says that he wants to continue the trend. “Filmmakers should have integrity and I have it. People must feel the impact and emotions of the film. I want people to come out with good thoughts after watching my films,” he says. Known for films like Ninne Pelladutha, Murari, Khadgam, Sindhooram and Chandamama, which people talk about even today, Krishna Vamsi says his forthcoming film Nakshatram has been created on similar lines.

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