Red Magic Fails in the West Bengal State Assembly Election

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West Bengal

The red magic that ruled the state of West Bengal for the longest period of 34 years has finally lost it the the position of even being the chief opposition. The IB reports and the exit polls till date stated clearly that the new ally of C.P.I.M and the Indian National Congress would lose with a huge difference. The reports stated that the ruling party TMC would come to power with even more number of seats than they did in the last State Assembly Elections. The exit poll stated that the Trinamool Congress would come to power with 200 seats (10-20 variable), but the picture turns out to be more disheartening for the Lefts.

Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister and TMC Supremo Mamata Banerjee with her party activists at her Kalighat residence after her party's win in Kolkata Municipal Corporation election on Tuesday.PTI Photo by Swapan Mahapatra(PTI4_28_2015_000096B)

After the West Bengal State Assembly Elections 2016 the results clearly show the ruling party Trinamool Congress that faced a lot of drawback from the scams of Narada and Shardha is unbeatable unless any big crisis comes on their way. Unlike the southern states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala the people of the government of West Bengal is really difficult to change. This is very easily clarified, and it seems that it is not a rocket science to gauge it if we take a look at the political atmosphere of the state right since the year 1950. The Congress here ruled for years, beating which the Left Front came to the power and ruled for the longest period of reign till now which is 34 years. Now the people of West Bengal is on the verge of creating another history. The Chief Minister of the state Mamata Banerjee is all ready to rule the state yet another time. As far as the structure of the would be Assembly is concerned, the present ruling party has acquired the number of seats as huge as 220, which is followed by the Congress with 40. Now the most striking picture is that the Left Front that considered the Indian National Congress as their chief friend in the days o their crisis has been unable to acquire even the minimum number of votes required to be the main opposition. The Left Front has a number of seats counting only 30. So it stands that the title of the chief opposition goes to the Congress. However, the Congress and the Left were in the ‘jot’ (understanding or ally). So, there are still chances of the Reds to be in the Assembly so long as they enjoy the new ally’s friendship.


Now let us take a look at the strike rates. Mamata Banrjee, who was the Chief Ministerial candiadate from Bhawanipore has won against the heavy weight candidate of Congress Deepa Das Munshi by as huge difference as 25, 301 votes. However, as far as the heavy weight ad also the controversial candidates of the Trinamool Congress are concerned, Madan Mitra has lost his long owned constituency. Despite Kamarhati being his den Madan Mitra lost it. However, Baishali Dalmia and Sonali Guha, who got entangled into controversies even on the day of election won by huge number votes. Apart from this remarkable figures like Arup Biswas, Rejjak Mullah, Firhad Hakim, Moloy Ghatak, Nayna Bandopadhay and many others won by huge difference.

Now coming to the status of the ally, the Chief Ministerial candidate Surya Kant Mishra lost it whereas from Jadavpur Sujan Chakrabotry won by more than 10,000 votes. The Siliguri model, that was the ideal of the Left camp, has remained as it was. Ashok Bhattacharya continues to rule his native land by defeating a celebrity face of TMC, Baichung Bhutia. Kaanti Ganguly, who is considered to be the leader of the people lost to the celebrity face Debashree Roy. Overall the picture of the Vidhan Sabha at the present is not at all in the favor of the left parties. Rather from the ally, Congress has benefitted a lot. But, the Congress Chief of Bengal, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury spoke out for his new ally and said that as ally they secured more otherwise they would have lost more badly.

According to the experts, the alliance poised the parties, especially the Left Front, a big threat. Among the voters of the Communist party, there are two categories of dedicated voters. The categories became vivid clear from the results of the West Bengal State Assembly Elections. One is the category of voters who will never say a word against the decision of the pary leaders even if the decision is against their wish. Second group comprises of the people for whom this alliance is nothing but an injury to the sentiment and an insult also. This group can never accept the party Congress as their ally because when for the very first time Communist party came to power in Bengal, Congress was the main opposition and it was a tough fight. However, many have contradicted to this viewpoint. Congress leader Arunav Ghosh “It (the alliance) became possible because of the pressure at the ground level”. He added that it was an alliance of the people. So he is hopeful that in the next Lok Sabha Election, the alliance will work together because that would be the biggest threat to the BJP.

After the victory, Mamata Banerjee at the press conference said that she wants and prefers to continue as a commoner. She wants to take Bengal at a higher standard. Indirectly she also stated that she is interested in walking the path to the Central government with Lalu Yadav and Nitish Kumar. She is quite friendly with these two leaders. On the other hand, remarkably Modi congratulated Banerjee on the victory. So the coming situations are much unpredictable. She addressed her local workers to be peaceful and calm. However, soon after the results were declared, reports of clash at Howrah popped up. Allegedly a party office of C.P.I.M was attackd by the local Trinamool workers. The police reached soon after that.

For the alliance formed at the West Bengal State Assembly Election, if the friendship continues, then the Lok Sabha election in 2019 and the municipal elections are the two eyes of the bull.

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